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Have you ever lost control and lashed out violently at another person?

Asked by RareDenver (13163points) May 18th, 2009

If so were they any serious consequences? Did someone get badly hurt? Was there police involvement? How did you feel immediately prior to and after the incident? How did you feel after you had time to reflect on it?

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Nooooo, but I’ve sure wanted to. I just think of the repercussions that it’d cause.

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Oh yes. I kicked a horrid ex partner in the nether regions twice…in a club. Oh and tipped a bottle of Bud over his head, that’ll teach him! I was somewhat intoxicated at the time; I’m not usually quite that dramatic. I’m not ashamed of it.

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Only when I was younger, nothing serious.

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only in boxing. its kinda hard. because i was picked on alot as a kid and when your given the green light to just go psyco ass crazy on someone… there’s alot of emotion that comes out… you have to suppress alot of it. the first and second round was like that and i took a good number of strikes from him but in the third i became much more aware and put him on the mat. though i did have some big bruises…

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Yes. I’m a very calm person and violence is not my thing, but beating women brings out the worst in me on short notice, as some shmuck in a casino had to find out. That episode got him liquid schnitzel for a few weeks, judging by the cracking noise my foot caused in his face, lol.

At first they wanted to ban me from the property and call the cops, but after they’ve seen this arse pounding on his girl on the surveillance tape they ushered me out a side entrance before the 5–0s got there.

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@TaoSan Good for you! It sounds like he deserved it.

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Unfortunately, yes. My ex and I went back and forth quite a bit.

One night he choked me. When he let go he stayed on top of me. I warned him to get off several times, then I punched him in the mouth. He called the police on me and was completely calm when they arrived, while I was crying hysterically. Ass. They just made him go stay on base for the night.

Another time we were fighting and I picked up the phone to call his C.O. He came across the room at me via over the bed and I hit him on top of the head with the phone without even thinking about it – I just wanted to stop him before he got to me. He went into the kitchen for a towel because his head was bleeding, then laid in the floor and pretended to be dead or something. I stepped over him and he got up and punched holes in about 6 square feet of wall. Then he called the police on me again. They made him go to the hospital for stitches and he ended up staying in the psych ward for two weeks upon the advice of his C.O. because it would keep him from getting in trouble. Dramatic ass. It was after that one that I left him.

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Yes I have.

fucking girl scouts won’t ever try selling their goddamn cookies at my house again

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Yes, an ex bf. I drove to one a club we frequented, marched him out through the parking lot while kicking and punching him. People gathered, some asked if he was okay and he just kept saying how he deserved it and it was okay but it was still hurting him. I don’t recall what the issue was though, it was a onetime occurrence.

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Yes. When I was in my middle forties, my husband and I got very very very mad at each other and I socked him in the chest. We both recoiled in horror and broke into tears. I said “I have to call the police now” and I did. They arrived in five minutes – two tall troopers half our age, very serious – one went out on the deck and talked with him and the other one talked with me. He said, “Ma’am, did he strike you?” “No,” I sobbed.
“Well….. this was a domestic violence call, you know. Um, .... did you strike him?” “Yes,” I sobbed, “it was terrible!” Short pause. “Well, you know, ma’am, you can’t do that.” “I know! I’m so sorry!” said I. Short pause. “I think our work here is done, ma’am. Do you agree?” “Yes, thank you SO MUCH.” grateful sobbing

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@TaoSan @Blondesjon I don’t ‘get’ that kind of humor. Why on earth is that funny?

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Yes, I once got angry at my teen age son for lying and I hauled off and whacked him. It was the first time I had ever hit him, and shocked him so much, I never caught him in a lie again.

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I used to get in fights all the time. I was physically violent, I broke things, threw big heavy things at people. Somehow I never got arrested. I never had control of my emotions. I don’t know why I was so angry, but I think it was like I was trying to hurt people before they could hurt me, or hurt them worse than they hurt me. Once I started taking meds Ive been much better at controlling my anger. I’m calmer and more rational. I’m still very emotional but not as bad.

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No, I feel you must control your anger and if you can not then pick up a splitting maul and split firewood untill your anger is gone. Sometimes it don’t take to long either.

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I’m not proud to admit it, but I thew a plate at my husband like a frisbee one time. He ducked out of the way and the plate hit the basement door jamb and broke into about a million pieces. It was a clear glass plate, I was sweeping up small shards of glass for weeks. Every time I’d find another one I’d get embarrassed all over again. I also hit him in the shin with my purse one time too. I think that one pissed him off more than the plate. I have a flash hot temper I’ve learned how to control it better with age He is one of the most laid back people in the world. He’s never raised his hand or his purse to me in anger, he doesn’t have it in him.

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Not a proud moment for me, at all.

Yes, I threw a vase at my first husband, as he said something I considered horrible…while he was walking away from me. His MO was to say something particularly mean or demeaning as he walked away, thinking you couldn’t respond. We were arguing and I was furious that for the third weekend, in a row, he broke a promise to my daughter about spending time with her. Instead of taking one hour to spend with her (cute little 2yr old) he went out drinking and gambling, instead. She wasn’t home when we were having this argument. Towards the end of the argument, he said, “You know, maybe she was just a huge mistake, anyway. It isn’t like I have time for her, nor do I feel like making time for her.” I snapped. I picked up a vase and just beamed it at the back of his head. I hit him, dead center, in the back of the head. He was shocked. I fully expected him to call the police, but he didn’t. Turns out, he had a little pill problem that I didn’t know about, until that following week, (self-medicating the injury) and that is the only reason he didn’t call the police.

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Is Fluther a meeting point for violent women? LOL
now don’t bash me for it ;)
Elijah, don’t smoke!!!

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@TaoSan: Yes, we get together Wednesday nights and drink each other under the table and boast about the damage we do to male humans.

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Yes, I have a hot temper and it gets the best of me sometimes.

I’ve thrown a stiletto shoe heel-first at someone’s head.

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@TaoSan And thats why i don’t Fluther on Wednesdays or Thursdays for that matter… the backlash is horrible…

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Yes. Someone smacked me upside the head when I was 12, and instead of taking it like I usually did, I apparently punched the miscreant in the face and busted his nose. I don’t remember doing it, but he stopped picking on me after that.

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