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Can I go back to Windows XP from Windows Vista?

Asked by thrombolyser (5points) December 21st, 2007
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Yes. Format hard drive. Re-install XP. I prefer Win 2K Pro, myself. Though, if you formally upgraded, I think there may be an issue with Microsoft deciding your XP license is now void.

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You have to wipe the drive. You can’t do a Add/Remove Programs to downgrade. So you need a valid copy of XP to install after formating the drive.

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If you bought a new PC with Vista preinstalled, some manufacturers have quietly released downgrade CDs – in response to popular demand. Keeps it legal, but it still wipes your disk though. Try checking with the PC maker’s support site.

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Be careful before you do this. Some of the new hardware does not have drivers for XP.

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Sure you can. I did it, and lots of people too. But if you got Vista on a new PC, pay attention to your warranty, since some manufacturers will void it if you change the OS (yeah, it sucks and it’s totally stupid, but they do it anyway)

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