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Is there a way to configure an iPhone with setting schemes?

Asked by froamer (121points) May 19th, 2009

I’ve had my iPhone for a month now and I love it and use it at my desk, in my car and when walking around.

When it is charging at my desk I want the screen on medium brightness, WiFi enabled, medium ringer volume and Auto Lock set to “never”.

When it is connected to the charger in my car I would like maximum brightness, loudest ringer volume, WiFi off and Auto Lock set to never.

However when I am walking around I want low brightness, medium ringer volume, WiFi off and Auto Lock set to 1 minute.

Is there a way to configure different “setting schemes” or at least have different settings if it is on charge. I have an iPhone 3G with firmware 2.2). If not, is there an app to do this or is it something I can look forward to in the next firmware release?

Of course I can keep adjusting the settings as I move from my desk to my car to walking, but it would be really cool if I could switch a batch of settings in one go, or at least have the phone switch between a “charging” and “non-charging” scheme automatically.

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best way to configure it is to jailbreak it

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@MrGeneVan So if I jailbreak it can I get it to do what I want with setting schemes? What are the downsides to Jailbreaking – I’m new to iPhone as I am sure you can tell.

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one of the downsides I know of is that it voids your Apple warranty on the phone. The jailbreak sites tell you this isn’t so but I have been told by several product specialists on the iPhone line that it will void it.

What I am not sure about however is whether doing a restore will remove all traces of the jailbreaking.

When I had to have it restored by one of the Mac geniuses at an Apple store they seemed to be able to tell everything I had ever done with it since I had it when they hooked it up to one of their computers.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than either of us can weigh in with a definitive answer to whether or not a restore can remove all traces of a jailbreak.

If you like to set things up with your own order as I do then another downside is that a restore is a royal pain in the you know where. I had put all of my apps grouped together by purpose and after the restore they were all in alphabetical order… Grrerrrr

I have read numerous posts on forums from some of these guys with jailbroken phones and they are constantly referencing how frequently they seem to do restores as if they enjoy it all——definitely not my cup of tea.

I initially started researching the whole jailbreak thing as I wanted to be able to tether my computer to it and sat goodbye to loathsome Comcast (since the mandatory data plan from ATT is unlimited) but I get free wifi where I just moved to so I just don’t have any pressing reason to take the risk of jailbreaking.

However if anyone can give me any clear cut advantages I’d be open to exploring the possibility again.

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@Buttonstc thanks for the advice, I don’t think I will be jail breaking my iPhone quite so soon. So I guess there is no official way, app or update that will do what I want?

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Since something like that has not been high on my radar, I really don’t know. My guess would be, however, that there probably is.

There are a couple of other places you could ask as that’s where the real mavens hang out. The first would be the forums on You do have to register but it’s free.

I just realized that I can’t put links in my posts from my iPhone but I have a couple other apps and iPhone forum sites in my bookmarks which oddly enough I can email links from.

So if you want to send me your email addy in a private message I’ll be glad to share them with you. Some of these guys are amazing in how much time they devote to all things iPhone related. I really enjoy mine a lot but it’s not like a religion for me or something.

I was so hoping that a really smart Flutherite would weigh in with some info and advice about jailbreaking and restoring and such, but alas…..

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@Buttonstc Thanks! I will PM you now. If I find anything out I will reply here.

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