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When is apple iPhone 3.0 OS due to be released?

Asked by Knutty (51points) May 19th, 2009 from iPhone

Probably already been asked, but couldn’t find answer…

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No one knows exactly (except Apple of course but they aren’t talking) but the date will probably be announced at the WWDC (June 8–12). It may be released during or just after that time but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

There may also be news of a new iPhone.

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According to some of the recent posts, it will be released two days after the Palm PRE goes on sale. That is slated for the 6th, so if the newest intel is accurate you could be MMS’ing your heart out by the Monday, June 8th.

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I wouldn’t get too excited yet. I’ve already got v3 BETA5 installed and using it and to be honest it’s not that much different than v2.x . You have to wait to get the v3 apps once all the developers use he new API within the phone. Until then, you won’t see much of an improvement. Sorry.

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There is only speculation. Summer is all they will say.. :(

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