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Which iPhone twitter app, tweetie or twitterfon pro?

Asked by Knutty (51points) May 19th, 2009 from iPhone

Currently using original twitterfon, but now got ads, so biting the bullet and going to get paid app. Should I go for twitterfon pro or tweetie? Heard good things about tweetie, and I’ve used twitterfon. Which is best? Or is there better app out there for twitter on iPhone? Discuss…

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Tweetie remains strong. Twitterfon Pro is better than the current free basic Twitterfon but it costs and isn’t much better than the version of Twitterfon from before they introduced Pro.

They took their time about it but Twitterrific have started to add some interesting UI ideas to version 2.0 and dropped the price. If I wasn’t going for Tweetie I’d spend my money on Twitterrific 2.0 rather than Twitterfon 2.0

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I like Tweetie a lot, plus I really like the app they have for OSX.

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twitterfon is simple and it works

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Thanks for responses. Tempted to stick with free version of twitterfon till OS 3.0 / push is out… See what happens then.

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I use Twitterific and love it.

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tweetie for the win.

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I used twitterfon before ads and switched to tweetie the day before the ads showed up. I liked twitterfon the best for a free app—but prefer tweetie.

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I’m going to give twitterfon a chance, been using the free version and been happy with it

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100% Tweetie. Of all the ones I’ve tried it has the most features.

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