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How do you think our well structured societies will cope with the future.

Asked by Unsure (6points) May 19th, 2009

More and more teenagers fail and leave highschool every year. less young people care, Job shortages wont be a problem finding skill to fill them will be.

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‘well structured’ – really?
I also feel like the ‘problems’ you describe above have always been the problems – in that every generation dating back centuries complains about youth and how everything will fall apart ( I feel like I remember an Aristotle quote or it’s a quote from a philosopher from that time that lists all the things you say and more – maybe someone will find it)...also, I think many in our society are over-skilled for the jobs available

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The economy is resilient. People with unusual skills will be able to command more money for them, and then people who want money will be motivated to learn unusual skills. People will decide that their life sucks, and do something about it—the important thing is that they learn some skills, not that they finish high school on time or go immediately to college or trade school.

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A well structured society doesn’t exist outside dictator states. Society is people living around each other attempting to do so without being in a constant state of conflict with each other.

As for the job thing, the previous answers cover it. In fact a large number of those who do give up on school early on will at least try to go back at some point.

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For starters, what well structured society? If it were crime, poverty, and unemployment would not be a real issue.

Things are only going to get worse. Thats the short version.

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