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What is the best video camera for making movies?

Asked by pplufthesun (612points) December 21st, 2007

I have a sony handycam but what type of camera should I buy if I just want to make movies that look good?

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Lots of possible answers depending on what you have in mind exactly. should tide you over for the next month or two in terms of poring over their data. I used them to buy the Canon HV20, which was their camcorder of the year last year.

If, by movies, you mean something that you’ll submit to be viewed by the general public for a fee, you’ll want to get something with as many manual controls as possible. The trend these days is a divergence with high end consumer models favoring automatic modes (for $1,000 give or take) and pro models with the bells and whistles starting (I think) in the $4,000 range. The difference is being able to control/adjust everything on the fly quite easily as well as being able to add on many many accessories vs. being able to control most functions by scrolling through on screen menus and possibly finding and pressing very tiny buttons.

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after a huge amount of research, i bought a canon XH A1 for use with my theatre company. it costs about 3300 bucks, and seems to offer the best performance at that price level. to get better quality pictures, you need to kick it up to about 4000, 4500 dollars.

i would absolutely recommend my camera for anything less than a big budget indie film.

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