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How do you convert a video recorded tape (the little small kind) to a DVD?

Asked by Finley (833points) June 30th, 2010

I can hook up the video camera (which has the little video tape inside it) to the tv and play the movie on the tv but is there any way I can convert it to a dvd (even if that means converting to VHS normal tape first) I have a tv that allows you to convert dvds to vhs and tv shows to vhs but i don’t know anything else.. PLEASE HELP

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Try hooking your camcorder up to your computer and putting the video on there first. Your options will greatly increase if your video is in a digital format on your computer. I imagine you can get software that will be able to burn your video to a DVD.

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Considering how old the camcorder is (since it uses VHS mini-tapes) I’m guessing it does not have a USB interface to hook up, so you’d have to us A/V cables to do it. You’d need a TV Capture card, or a video card with a TV tuner built in, OR a USB based capture unit. All three are available, but the capture unit like Diamond’s OneTouch system or Pinnacle MovieBox are your best bet.
They allow you to hook up older devices like VCRs and camcorders to your computer, and using their supplied software you can turn your analog video and audio into a digital file on your computer’s hard drive and then use a burning software (like Nero Vision) to turn it into a DVD movie.
It’s so easy my mother does it for our ancient home videos all on her own. :D

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Or for around $80 or less get a DVD recorder. Plug your camera into it and a recordable DVD disk. Hit record on the deck, play on the camera.


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@ChazMaz That also works very well.
The capture devices are usually cheap too (around $40 to $60, at least up here in Canada) and come with the software and cables too. So really either route you want to go will work just fine.

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if it’s just one tape consider paying someone to do it. that would probably be cheaper than buying a DVD recorder!

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Buy a little machine that does it. i have one.

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