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How do you refer to someone who cannot smell?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34565points) December 21st, 2007

If one can’t hear they are deaf. If one can’t see they are blind.If one can’t speak they are mute. What if they cant smell?

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A quick search on google and I get the answer “Anosmia”.

I ran it through google’s definition search which confirms that the term is correct :]

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Thank you. Sorry for my lack of googling ^_^. I've been on and off thinking about this question for well over a year now.

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Well, not exactly, Funkmonk. Anosmia refers to the loss or lack itself, and “anosmiac” is not a word, so I believe the question still stands.

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Smelless is just as good as any then, I suppose!

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There is a great chapter in Diane Ackerman’s book A Natural History of the Senses all about a woman with anosmia and what it is like to have no sense of smell…she talks about your point—that part of the social problem of having the disorder is that no one is even familiar with the name and there is no commonly-known verbal equivalent “i’m blind,” or “i’m deaf” referring to smell. I’d really recommend that book if you’re interested in the topic.

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I can’t smell. Or, more accurately, I can seldom smell anything other than strong, pungent, or unpleasant odors. The cause, in my case at least, is allergies. Yes, this affects my sense of taste. I’ve been allergic to something every day of my life, some 49 years.

I should have invested in kleenex as an infant. I’d be a wealthy woman now.

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wow gcross that sounds horrible, i feel so sorry for you. Does stuff not taste normal or as it should at all? and what is it that you are allergic to?

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Well, I can’t answer whether things taste normal or not. What I can taste is “normal” to me because I am accustomed to it. As for allergies, I know only a few of them for certain. Pollen in the spring, decaying leaves in the fall, cottonwood fluff, some other trees, smoke (all kinds), and probably general dust. Not allergic to animals or bee stings. I’m allergic to so many common things and have been for so long, that I never saw the need to see an allergist. I even had asthma for a short period in my teens, although that was psychosomatic. My allergies usually aren’t debilitating, although I usually have a bout of hay fever once or twice a year. I just have a drippy nose all the time and am constantly sniffling and blowing it. Unsightly, sometimes embarrassing. I carry kleenex with me everywhere, even into restaurants and public events.

I have managed to alleviate it to some degree. I take MSM along with other vitamins, minerals, herbs, and others supplements. Not only for my allergies but for my other health issues as well.

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Anosmia is right

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