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What is the connection between Credit cards and guns?

Asked by YARNLADY (43412points) May 19th, 2009

The Senate voted 90–5 today to pass new rules on credit card
terms. The House has already passed its own bill, and it looks
like this thing will become law by the weekend. What’s in it? Oh,
you know, limits on raising interest rates and late fees, new rules on notifying customers and signing up people under 21. And in the Senate version, a provision to allow loaded guns in national parks.

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Is this an issue because of the fact that they slipped that in on us or because you don’t believe loaded guns should be allowed in National Parks?

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Check the new gun law voted today for Tennessee state parks. All I got to say why am I limited to handguns or even concealing it?

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Some People use credit cards to buy the guns. Guns made America great!

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so did credit cards

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Both are dangerous when loaded, and explode your brain when you have a high interest in them.

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It is probably a ruse to get the gun law change through the process sneakily, because it would barely have a chance on its own. so the simplest and arguably most disgusting way is to bundle it with a law that is so important that it won’t be challenged because of the gun portion.
Besides most of the senate and congress people don’t read the laws they are voting on in the first place.

fucking gun lobby

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@Blondesjon It’s an issue because of the way it was slipped into a totally unrelated bill. I have no issue with guns in National Parks. I used to work for the U S Forest Service, and I remember who much at a disadvantage the rangers were with no guns.

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USFS rangers have no guns?

I was in Glacier NP last week, and the NPS rangers definitely have guns- the ranger was busy cleaning his when we came by.

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@crisw They do now, it was during my tenue there that they received permission to carry firearms.

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Here’s your explanation:

“Timing is everything in politics,” said Senator Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma and the champion of the gun proposal.


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Just Washington as usual. The gun measure passed so they could get some Republicans on board for the credit card legislation. It’s a despicable way to do business, but it’s how things have been done in Washington for almost as long as we’ve had a government there.

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