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Keystone Arsenal has not sent me my replica bullets! Whats the deal?

Asked by ChaseMG42 (4points) July 22nd, 2013

I have been searching for replica bullets (dummy ammo) I have ordered $14.50 worth of dummy ammo on July 9th and still have not received ANYTHING! I bought 30.06 bullets which were apparently OUT OF STOCK, but they still let me buy them (I found this out today of course.) I also bought 9mm rounds and some other handgun bullets. I have sent countless emails and have called many times, but I have still received no response! Please help

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Not much that any of us can do – we are neither the seller or the Better Business Bureau.

But two weeks for delivery is not particularly long, depending on how they shipped. I would begin by contacting them

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Depending how you paid you could contact your bank, PayPal, credit card company, whoever and dispute any charges that show up. But I do agree with @elbanditoroso, two weeks isn’t that long.

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Keep waiting. So much effort is still going on to produce real ammo that just maybe the fake one’s are on back order?

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Two weeks isn’t that long really. But did you check their FAQ to ensure you are in an area they are allowed to ship to?

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