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How can I stop my cat losing claws?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16558points) May 19th, 2009

I have a cat that is very playful, even though she is almost nine years old. We have carpet in our house that has a lot of depth to it, and sometimes when she plays she hooks her claws in the carpet. I try to get her out, but being in pain she doesn’t let me near her. I find 1–2 claws a week lying on my carpet. How can I stop this happening? Preferably without her losing this playfulness.

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Have her nails clipped by a groomer or clip them yourself. Some people even put plastic caps on cat claws.

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You are likely finding the outer sheath of the claw (which is why she is using your carpet as a scratching post). If you are really concerned, take some of your findings to your vet and they can confirm that it is only the outer sheath. If, after losing “claws” she still has claws, it is likely just the sheath that she has pulled off and this is normal.

The pain you may be observing is likely her moving and pulling at the claw before the sheath releases into your carpet.

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You could cut off her feet but that wouldn’t be nice. Blood can be difficult to get out of carpet.

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@Kayak8 Thanks. She has a scratching post too, which is practically shredded. Sometimes she doesn’t seem to have a full complement of claws, but I have found over 20 by now, so they must be only sheaths or she’d have no claws left (my leg markings testify to the fact that she does).

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Definitely trim her claws. She won’t get snagged as often on fabrics and if she “kneads bread” on you it won’t hurt.

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…i’m thinking i would take my cat to the vet- and i would ask how to take future preventive measures (be proactive)...

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You could de-claw your cat, but all you are finding is the outer case that the cat has out grown . Get laminated flooring or carpet that doesn’t have such large fibre loops

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@sandystrachan Thanks, it seems she’ll be just fine apart from a bit of short term pain. She can keep her claws though.

@Darwin I think I should get around to it.

@AstroChuck That’s not an option sorry, she’s got little white ‘socks’ which I don’t want to lose. I take it you’re a dog person?

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When i first got a cat ( 8 years ago ) i had to re carpet and even laminate all the floors, cause i had this same problem only my cats were never in pain . Thats what scratch posts are for removal of old claw , you will still find some empty claw cases on your floor and furniture .

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@FireMadeFlesh- Me, a dog person? I’m a postman, so it’s cats for me. Three exclusively indoor cats, at that.
I did point out that amputation wouldn’t be nice.

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