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How do I burn a DVD to play in any DVD player?

Asked by bugmenot (140points) December 21st, 2007

dvd player burn from pc

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this doesn’t really answer the question sorry. But Philips DVP642 dvd player can play anything. That is what i got and it works great. Avi mpeg-4 divx whatever. i have one and it works great also its really cheap around 40 bucks when i picked mine up. Sorry again that i couldn’t answer you question, hope this helped.

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It really depends on the player, but you can maximize your chances by using DVD-R discs (instead of DVD+R) and buying a name brand like Verbatim instead of a store brand.

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If you are asking how you take a recorded video from your camera and create a playable DVD, you need software to convert the video. I’m not a MAC person, so cannot address that side of it. My PC came with software to do this. If your’s did not, you can download a program that will accomplish the conversion. The program you choose will depend on the format of your video. If your camera records in .avi, for example, you will need to convert from .avi to DVD, so look for that functionality.

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If it’s copying DVD’s from other regions you’d like to do use DVD shrink ( to make a copy of the DVD you plan to burn. There’s an option to make it region free.

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You may use an open source software to do such task. I’d recommend DVD Flick as it support a lot of codecs currently used today.

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