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Anybody got a free software for burning cds and dvds on a mac?

Asked by pixiequeen12 (137points) June 3rd, 2008

i have a white macbook, and it’s supposed to be able to burn dvds, but seems to just shoot blanks.

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If in fact your MacBook has a Super Drive, you should be able to burn data cd-r and dvd-r on your MB out of the gate, using the Finder application; it’s a drag-and-drop procedure, if you need instructions, let me know and I’ll PM them to you.


Audio CDs-use iTunes

Video DVDs-use iDVD (if you have iLife ‘06 or newer)

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The really low end MacBook can only burn CDs. That is the one that costs $1,099.00

I have found Burn to be a great and easy to use app for burning disks under OS X.

And some blank CDs and DVDs just don’t work very well. I would try a different brand and see how that goes. This is a surprisingly common problem.

edit :: And Burn is free and open source.

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2nding Burn, excellent app. Almost as useful as Toast.

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If I am understanding the question You should be able to control click on the desktop and create a burn folder.

You can check your burner by going to the apple in the upper left>about this mac>more info

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disk utility can take control of your burning needs if you get confused by finder.

edit: disk utility ships with mac os x

Will burn burn Video_TS files?

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