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What can I do about rats coming around my bird cage?

Asked by BoyWonder (806points) May 20th, 2009

I have a cockatiel and I never had this problem before but recently we’ve been getting an influx of mice as a result of my filthy neighbor’s practices. Last night, my mother found a rat lurking INSIDE the bird cage and my bird was hysterical. What can I do? PLEASE HELP!!

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Terminator and burn down your neighbor’s house lol

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Can you raise the cage off the ground? It might be worth your while to get a stand for it or hang it from the ceiling if this is a possibility. I would also buy some mouse traps and put them nearby – especially in the places you think they’re getting in your house from. Forget about cheese, the very best bait for a mouse trap is peanut butter.

there is also a product called Rodentex that is great. It’s either a powder or a pellet made up of poison and some other ingredients. I worked at a hardware store and this stuff works really well.

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If you want a slow acting rodenticide then use Warfarin and make sure it’s out of reach of the bird. (Decon) . If you want something quick, so you can find the bodies and reduce the chance of the critters dying in your walls and stinking up the house, then use cracked corn doped with 2–3% ZnP . (Ask at the neighborhood farm store. It might not be legal in your state.)

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Warfarin is also a great rodenticide. I believe that Rodentex is used for warfarin-resistant rodents, but I could be wrong. Either way those are two good options to try, just keep them out of reach of your bird like @Lupin said.

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Thanks all!! My friends, you are all true assets to Fluther. keep those suggestions coming…gotta protect my babyyyyyy =]

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Hang the cage from the ceiling. You can cut a very large disc of cardboard to go around the chain above the cage. This way if the mice/rats climb the chain they still can’t access the cage. Buy or construct a cage skirt, which is material that has an elastic band to put on the outside bottom of the cage (think very large inverted shower cap). This stops the seeds from falling out of the cage when your bird eats. The rodents are attracted to the seeds. It will look silly but until you get the rodents under control there’s not much more you can do. Remember not to spray any chemicals with the bird in the room. Good luck.

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I don’t think it’s about keeping rodents away from the birdcage, it’s about keeping them out of your house altogether. They carry diseases and can set off asthma and allergy attacks. If you are in a separate building from your neighbor, you must call an exterminator and put a fine steel mesh over every opening and vent. If you are in the same building your landlord has to make sure all the units are rodent free or you should call the health dept.

Don’t mess around with do-it-yourself when you have an infestation. That’s OK as a preventive measure but once they are running around during the day where there is human activity, they need to be dealt with professionally.

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hey guys i have a bird cage about 12“12 with a sandy surface and rats are coming in from underground.So any solution?...............and there are partridges inside the cage about 15 and i don’t think that they can defend themselves

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Might wanna hang em from a high place or something….

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