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When was the last time you hit a person of opposite sex?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) May 20th, 2009

Did it feel good?

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@jbfletcherfan even if that person tried to kill you?

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Thats a completely different question than the one you originally asked.

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@brettvdb but that person said never.

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@MrGeneVan Yes, I DID say never. I have never hit a person period, except for spankings with my girls when they were little. Did it feel good? No, it didn’t. And no one has ever tried to kill me! @brettvdb is right. That’s not what you asked. If someone was trying to KILL me, I’d do more than hit them.

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I think that the obvious point here is that it’s not okay to hit someone of the opposite sex. If someone is trying to take your life, you will obviously do what you have to do. It looks to me like you’re just egging people on.

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@brettvdb The obvious point is that – absent extenuating circumstances – it’s never okay to hit anyone, gender is irrelevant.

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That’s definitely a good correction – I was speaking towards the wording of the quesiton but you’re absolutely right.

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lol I thought you said “hit on” and I was wondering why jbf said “never”. And then read on and got even more confused!

I slapped my girlfriend when I was 21, but we used to do that to each other all the time. It was one of those passionate relationships with their own weird little rules. She would have thought I didn’t love her if I didn’t slap her. Yes, one of those. I don’t remember hitting anyone else since, male or female.

Now if the question was “hit on” then I’d say 2007, there was this girl standing outside a bar where I was singing, and I went to the car to fetch strings and asked her to come in. Turns out she was waiting for her friends to come and they were coming to see me anyway. But anyway, that was not the question, was it?

Can I also answer “when was the last time you felt like hitting a person of the opposite sex until you left her unconscious, bleeding, or preferably dead?” ?

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“I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.” – Mahatma Ghandi

To strike a woman is the life of a coward and the times I’ve had to defend myself against men I don’t revel in my victories.

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@Jack79 your girlfriend sounds hot already

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Struck in anger or self-defense? Probably 1989. I was angry that my then-BF let his father call me some horrible names and he neither said nor did anything for my honour, not even to tell his dad to stop. I felt that I shouldn’t’ve had to talk back at an old man, even if it was to stick up for myself.

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I hate it when you are really upset at this girl and you try to go the other way and she asks WHAT!? YOU WANT TO HIT ME!? I say i just wanna walk away then she GO AHEAD HIT ME! HIT ME! HIT ME! I know it wouldve felt soooo good to just lay one into her but my mom taught me better than that so now she is my ex girlfriend :-D

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Instead of hitting her I had to hit it Doggy Style. POWER THRUST!!!

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@DragonFace hmmmmmmm sexy answer

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@Jack79 You’ve been peeking again. ;-)

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A few months ago i tripped over a coffee table and accidentally hit my fiancee in the knee with my face…. does that count?

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@Dr_C No. She took the opportunity to hit you in the face with her knee for tripping over her lovely coffee table. Women can be evil you know.

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Well I hit my dad last night but we were joking around and play fighting. Last time I hit a guy out of anger was high school junior year. The guy I dated then used to hit me hard so one day I just punched him in the gut in return. Not a good idea.

I don’t really like to hit guys or anyone to that matter. It’s not a good way to solve problems.

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X g/f, probably about 6–7 months ago…. But don’t worry, she wanted me too if you get my drift ;)

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When I was 12. Up to that point I kept my younger brothers in line by being taller and stronger. That summer my brother who was 11 mos younger caught up with me. One day I tried to push him around and he knocked me on my ass.

How did it feeL? I was shocked into becoming a pacifist.

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The tenth of never. And I last hit a guy the Sunday before that.

actually, I’m the size of a linebacker. I don’t need to hit anybody

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I am happy to say I have never hit a woman and I hope I never do. Men on the other hand I have no problem hitting, in fact I punched a guy yesterday.

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@cprevite i know the feeling… i’m 6’8” over 270 pounds… being physically intimidating goes a LONG way in not having to actually hit someone. (However being that big makes it tough to gauge your strength…. so when and if you do hit someone you need to be VERY careful… i learned that the hard way).

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I was hitting my husband today, in the kitchen. But, we were just playing around. He tried to tickle me and that greatly upset our son. lol

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I hit my babe a few minutes ago…he deserved it~

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@Dr_C: I learned that the first time I played “upsy daisy” with my daughter. Waaay into the air.

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With a closed fist: elementary school playground. Was most likely having a stupid moment.

I hit a guy with my shoulder last Friday because he had the puck. Does that count? :)

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Third Grade. Tina Collins. She kicked me in the nuts when we were standing on the balance beam and I blasted her.

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I have never hit a woman and I don’t foresee any reason why I would ever have to.

If I ever did hit a woman and I felt good about it afterwards, I’d be going straight to a counselor or anger management class or something similar to this to get myself unfucked. (Pardon the language).

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I don’t really hit anyone, actually… Though I think I might, if I were really pissed off and it wouldn’t hurt that other person that much. Odd, come to think of it…

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About 2 hours ago.

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