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Which scientist will destroy the world first?

Asked by Xpress411 (120points) December 21st, 2007

With all these movies lately like I am legend or The Core, it seems something could get out of hand. So whats it going to be… recoding a virus to cure cancer, particle accelerator experiments, or some garage experiment?

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Almost no disease could actually destroy the world—it would be hard to top, say, the plague—though they could do a lot of damage. No to particle accelerators too. I think the “gray goop” prospect of nanotechnology, i.e. that self replicating miniature robots just keep replicating and eat everything, is the creepiest sci-fi scenario that has a tiny chance of happening.

But truthfully, we’re much more likely to go through climate change or a nuclear exchange.

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Most of the diseases sufficiently virulent to potentially kill a significant portion of the population kill so quickly that the carrier doesn’t live long enough to have the opportunity to spread the contagion to a large number of people.

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The social scientist that convinces enough people that the natural sciences are inherently destructive and inhumane. Below are some raw, but very self-explanatory, links regarding this concern.

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Hmmm. . . some natural scientists would even argue that “social sciences” is an oxymoron.

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My money is on Nuclear Physicists.

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I’m gonna go with the biological warfare boys at Fort Detrick.

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Somehow, I think the government and/or stupid people will do it first. Although they’re building a fusion reactor in france. I wonder what kind of bomb you could turn that into.

No but seriously, I think it will probably global warming/climate change if we don’t do anything about it.

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Unserious answer: Homer Simpson (he has an underlying evil streak in him…)

Serious answer: Out of Global Warming, New diseases, Nuclear bombing, War, and everything else that could kill us in this world, i think any of them could finish us off. Not all at the same time of course ;]

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P.S. I am Legend is an AMAZING film….

It scared me a little when the mutant things were stalking him and you could hear them all coming in the disntance! And it was sad when his dog dies :’[

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Two “social scientists” of the 20th century wrote books (manifestos, or social plans) that contributed to the deaths of tens of millions of people. Their names were Marx and Hitler.

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Robert Oppenheimer

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