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She finally initiated our encounter with a "hello", a wave, and a smile, am I in some alternate dimension?

Asked by BookReader (417points) May 20th, 2009

…i’ve been initiating the greeting for 8 months…feels great that she initiated even if it is just this one time…

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Go after her! Why are you talking about it!

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@willbrawn- funny!!! i had my older brother get me into a fight with a ten year old bully when i was four- he said, “Go get him!”...the bully nearly bit my crotch off- NO THANKS!!! Hahahaha…

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You tagged this question as ‘Just Dumb’, so I really don’t think it deserves an answer.
Did you learn the purpose of commas and full stops in grade school, at all?

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If it were my ex wife it would be The Twilight Zone?

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@asmonet- i did…i, also, learned not to answer a question with a question…

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I’ve been flirting with Asmo for over a year and she’s never commented on my grammar. I think you’re making headway

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Your response contradicts itself. Way to overuse the commas, I think you may have a problem.

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@asmonet- and cold…ugly and beautiful…annoying and intriquing…half full or half empty…contradiction or marriage… one does not exist without the other- call it eternity…

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@BookReader – Maybe her therapy is finally showing some results. Either that or someone told her you like her.

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Or call it you skirting the issue.

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@Darwin- Hmmmm….if that were true, i would just want to hold her…like whoooaaa!!!


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@asmonet- toe may toe, toe ma toe, poe tay toe, poe ta toe…all i know is lalalalalalalala i love you- i love that song…

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