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Where to get killer vegan/vegetarian food in NYC?

Asked by ahimsa16 (100points) May 20th, 2009 from iPhone

I’ll be in NYC for 4 days and need to know what I should NOT miss!

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Zen Palate‘s pretty good!

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There is a place on the south side of 4th St between Washington Square and 6th Ave called Vegetarian Paradise 2. Very good. Check out the Belgian beer bar next to it, too.

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Angelica Kitchen in the East Village. Counter organic wine and martini bar and veg bistro.

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Isn’t “killer vegan” an oxymoron?

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I second Angelica Kitchen on 12th st.

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@MissAusten – very funny ;) I suppose it is!

Thanks for the suggestions folks! I’m soooo stoked to be going! My wife and I are flying from San Francisco on Virgin America and I’m going to get tattooed by Thomas Hooper at New York Adorned!!!!


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I second Counter. I’ve been there before but hadn’t remembered the name. I hope you have a good time here!

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Hummus Place, it’s a really cute Middle Eastern place in the village, they have a website:

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Sweet! Thanks. I’ve added it to my list.

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Vegetarian Paradise 2 on west 4th definitely.
Red Bamboo, next door to VP2 for more “comfort” vegan food (vegan chicken parm…...mmmmmm).
* Blossom Gourmet Vegan, on 9th ave in Chelsea for fancy vegan food – AMAZING
* Sacred Chow on Sullivan street in the Village is so healthy and makes me happy!
Kate’s Joint on Ave B & East 4th has KILLER mashed potatoes and ‘buffalo’ wings.

Phew and there’s tons more. There’s also a great book – ‘The Vegan Guide to NYC’, which is very helpful. Good luck w/ your tat and have a blast!

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