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Does a macro get built into a form or subform?

Asked by LC_Beta (1883points) May 20th, 2009

(In MS Access 2007) I have a customer form with rentals subform, which is linked to an inventory table. Everything works beautifully, but I need a warning MsgBox to appear when [Rating]=“R” that reminds the clerk to check ID (not a validation code, as we don’t have DOB for customers in their profile). Can anyone help me??

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Ah, um. Never you mind.

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Sorry your question didn’t get an answer. :(

Better luck next time, and welcome to Fluther.

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After a couple more hours of tweaking and experimenting, I was able to achieve what I needed to do :) Although, I’m pretty sure I backed into it in a more complicated way than necessary .. not a very elegant solution, but at least it works! :) Thanks for your concern, @augustian

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BTW, the answer, apparently, is that it gets built into the subform FROM the main form. Heh.

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