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Can anyone help me find my way through Windows 7 to this part of Microsoft's secret lair of original software?

Asked by anartist (14803points) November 19th, 2011

The person below said exactly what I was going to say on the Microsoft Answers site about my Windows 7 problem, and got the crappiest answer imaginable. I want to access “Docs and Settings” to tweak things I need to tweak on a new computer setup, not look at docs, pics, or movies—but it seems I am being denied access!

I can’t open the “My documents and settings” folder, it says I don’t have permission. I’ve tried to change the security settings to allow me full control, but despite being an administrator I still ‘don’t have permission’. I am the only user account on the computer. No other user accounts are visible so why can’t I change things on my own computer? Do you have any ideas that might help me?

According to the Microsoft site: The “My Documents and Settings” is not a folder used anymore, it is a “junction point, to redirect older programs to the new folders now in the Users folder.” It is intended that users have no access to these junction points

What’s a poor self-admin to do who just wants to transfer her Mozilla bookmarks/history .json file [and similar tasks] to a new computer?

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Create a new admin account and leave it default and try from there, that may work.

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There is no longer any such thing as “Documents and Settings” in Windows (as of Vista). The current equivalent is the “Users” folder:

Computer > C: > Users

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@dappled_leaves but there’s nothing but crap on User folder. I need to work on my system, not my data! @ETpro @jerv where are you?

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Why not change folder properties to show file extensions and just search for *.json

I though firefox saved stuff to the appdata directory though

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What you are looking for is also in a hidden folder within C:/users/anartist.

However, you can also just Export your Firefox bookmarks to a different location. Sure, you will wind up with two copies, but at least one of them will be wherever you decide it to be and thus save you some searching.

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@anartist See if this helps.

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@jerv in the short run yes I just imported the .jsdon file and it worked. Thanks.
@ETpro thanks for the wisegeek lead—will check out! thanks guys!
Won’t let this 7 beat me up!

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So glad they were able to help you.

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