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Why is my grass dead every spring?

Asked by mvpt (5points) May 20th, 2009 from iPhone

The snow melted a couple weeks ago, and most of my grass is dead, only a few green patches remain.

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What kind of grass is it? Some are seasonal.

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It was seeded with a Scotts brand all purpose mix made for Canadian lawns. It is supposed to be good for sunny and shaded areas.

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Well, if the snow just melted, it’s perfectly normal for there to be brown grass, it’s been without sunlight and essentially flooded.

What did you expect? Vibrant fields of squishy green blades?

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It’s dormant, not dead.

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My neighbour’s grass is already green since the snow melted.

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Did your neighbor plant the exact same seed as you? In the exact same location? With the exact same cover? At the same time?

My guess is no. Don’t compare lawns, it’s silly and fruitless.

Unless, you’re a Texan.

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You are probably as bad a gardener as the master of lousy gardeners who also has “bad”! Ask your neighbor with the award winning lawn, they will be tickled pink you asked. (there is one on every street in the world)

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It is not dead, It is just not awake yet. Give it some time and you will be mowing your butt off.

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Because you touch yourself at night!

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At the end of the year, before the winter really kicks in, cover your grass with compost or even dead leaves from trees. Raking isn’t always helpful ;). It’ll help provide an extra cover and give nutrients to the grass while it is dormant.

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