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Have you ever made gluten-free brownies?

Asked by simone54 (7600points) May 20th, 2009

I wanna make brownies as part of a dessert for this dinner party I am having. One of guest does the gluten-free free thing. So I need technique to make them.

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These are delicious and incredibly easy to make. I would not attempt gluten free brownies from scratch for the first time since they will be shared with others and could in all honesty be a disaster. I’ve made gluten free baked goods quite a bit for a few friends and I actually really love that mix. Far simpler than making it yourself and sometimes even more scrumptious.

I am a baked goods fiend.
I have no other credentials.

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Disgusting things. Like eating sawdust. No gluten free food has much in the way of taste appeal. I make gluten free Pizza for a son-in-law and although I am a competent cook, I have never managed to get a decent taste or texture. If it wasn’t for the topping (cottage cheese and seafood with a garlic cream sauce and roasted vegetables etc.) no one would eat it. He loves it though.

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Why reinvent the Taj Majal of baked delights?

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@SeventhSense People with Celiac have to have a gluten-free diet.

Outback Steakhouse has gluten-free brownies. They are in the Thunder from Down Under. I wish I knew the recipe off hand, but I don’t. It’s the sort of thing where even if I did know, I’d have to kill you. But I’ll try to sneak around and get it for ya. Shhh…

Edit: This sounds like a pretty good recipe.

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@DarkScribe I don’t think it taste like sawdust at all, I actually enjoy the taste of rice in place of the norm. (my foods usually include a rice flour)
I’ve never made gluten free brownies, I’d totally go with a box mix so you don’t screw it up. Gluten free is sort of difficult at first.Trader Joes has a lot of nice gluten free products.

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These are the best gluten-free brownies I have ever had. I made them for a party, and my friends had no idea they were eating gluten-free food – they were a little shocked when I picked one up and ate it!

They’re pretty simple to make, and I’ve substituted several different kinds of GF flour for the brown rice flour, and they’ve always come out good. They definitely restored my faith that there actually were good GF baked goods out there. Although, if you’re not seeking recipes for yourself, and you’re just making them for a friend at a party, you might want to go with @asmonet‘s mix – it’s probably easier!

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