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Will you describe a time you felt ethereal?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23974points) May 20th, 2009

A situation in which you felt so content or happy that time seemed to slow to a crawl, everything was beautiful, and you truly felt outside of yourself?

What was the situation? Did things look physically difference? Did you notice more?

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Ethereal? Who is she? What makes you think that I “felt” her?

The only thing in my experience that would really suit that description is gliding, and it is a long time since I have been gliding. I lost my license a decade or three back for being a little naughty with a Cessna 192. I was showing off to impress a girl and it didn’t quite work the way that I had planned. I broke the plane :)

But gliding is an ethereal experience.

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Yes, it was the day my husband and I decided to marry, and we went to one of our favorite restaurants and apparently it was very obvious to everyone there that we were incredibly happy. Colors were brighter, but I don’t remember a thing that we ate.

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…i can do it all day and night- day dreams and night dreams, meditating, jogging…

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Immediately post orgasm with a beautiful woman?

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Copied and pasted from a different question:

There are many, of course, but two stand out. The first was just minutes after my first child was born. They put her in my arms, all messy and gooey, and she immediately started ‘rooting’ for my breast. I helped her find it, she latched on immediately, and it was like all was right in the world. I felt like I was fulfilling my purpose on Earth.

The second involves all three of my girls. I had an appointment in a town I’d never been to, and had to bring the girls along. We arrived very early and rather than have them bored out of their minds sitting in a waiting area forever, we explored a little. We found a lovely pond, bordered by a small wooded area and decided to hang out there for a while. While walking through the woods, we came upon a large circle of damp soil upon which hundreds of butterflies were resting. We crept up to the edge of the circle, marveling at finding such a thing. We crouched to get a closer look, and they suddenly started flying up and around us. As we stood, it was like being in the middle of a tiny butterfly tornado. The joy that moment brought all of us is nearly indescribable. As we had obviously disturbed their environment, we only stayed a moment or two before respectfully backing away and watching them return to their rest. Just thinking about it now brings a smile to my face. :)

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@augustlan Absolutely beautiful. Very descriptive, too, which I love. Thanks for sharing. :)

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…i received instruction in a dream…what appeared to be a tomato floated and rotated like our planet earth…a voice said, this is the “love apple”...i was taught other things- i say taught because when i awoke and researched what i had dreamt i learned it was true…

…when conquistadors first came to south america, they found tomatoes and called them love apples- in spanish…anyway, i am a dreamer…

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Both times were sexual in nature.

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Once I smoked some really good pot, and tried to meditate, and suddenly, I had the feeling of Oneness with the universe. I knew all the answers to all the questions that had confounded me for years, and I was too stoned to realize that I’d better write them down. The feeling passed and I was thunked back down into my normal reality. I have never felt anything like that since. It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever known.

the one other time I had come close to it was a mind-blowing orgasm from a form of sex that I’d guess most of the men I know have never experienced.

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@DrasticDreamer, that my dear, might be too much information for this particular thread or forum.

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Lucid sex no drugs needed

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First time Ecstasy.

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Every time Quaalude

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I’m hypoglycemic.

but long before my doctor told me that, there were times when i would start shaking (mainly in my hands and knees) and feeling lighter than air. the worst of which when i was walking home from uni a few years ago. i felt beside myself. the cars looked like they were swimming, the other pedestrians on the street seemed ethereal and it was just an interesting experience. nothing i saw felt tangible. everything looked like it would peel away if you stared hard enough.

i wasn’t thinking clearly enough to be afraid, but i managed to get into the apartment lift and reach my bed before i fell into the deepest, darkest and most peaceful sleep i’ve ever had.

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I feel it in the studio- especially when a painting is flowing onto linen. My spouse claims it is not from the painting but from the turpentine fumes. Regardless I am hopelessly addicted.

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Heh, answering a similar question (I’m convinced) is the main thing that got me accepted in several colleges. I’m not quite sure it qualifies, but the closest I’ve felt to that (I guess I’d call it spiritual, among many other things) was looking down on the Saranac Lakes from the top of Mount Ampersand, after having canoed across them for 2–3 days, and spent 3–4 hours in the climbing of the mountain. Looking out you just see this awesome expanse full of trees and water and sky, and I couldn’t help but feel…completely awestruck. Time did seem to slow, and it felt like I was taking in every detail in my visual range. All of these things were, I have no doubt, added to by the physical effort it took to get to the location, and there’s a certain comfort in being able to look out, see where you’ve been and see where you’re going in a physical way. It’s definitely one of the most emotionally moving (hehe and physically moving, I paddled 50 miles that week) things that I’ve ever seen.

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After our crew won the school girls eight at the australian national rowing championships. Eight years of rowing to get to that point and we did it. We won. And we only just had enough rowers, when the other schools had multiple eights to choose from. It was amazing. I was sort of more in shock than anything, and though I was hyper aware of the people around me, cheering and screaming, all I really concentrated on was the crew and how happy we all were.

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@Shrubbery: Nice! High five! How long ago was that(/is that college or..?) I row for my university, though we have a larger, less prestigious program than you do(/did).

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It was 3 months ago and now I’m all finished for school rowing :( I haven’t decided whether I’m going to continue or not when I get to uni. Is it a good atmosphere and stuff?

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