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If you try to fail and succeed, what have you done?

Asked by Loried2008 (1998points) May 21st, 2009


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hahaha poor you

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Become confused.

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what do you mean? do you mean you have succeeded to fail or did you succeed in the activity you were actually intending to fail?
(Goal A is the non completion of Goal B, did you complete goal A or did you complete Goal B?)

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I dunno haha. I just confused myself.

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depends on how you read the question. if you try something with the intent to fail, but you instead succeed, then you fail because you did not get the thing (failure) you desired.

if you try to fail and you indeed fail, then you succeed because you got the thing (failure) you desired.

but, if an outsider sees that you fail, then you fail.

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When you can no longer fail at one particular thing even when you try. You are called a master or expert.

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..but if you just want to fail period. Then I think you are just passing away time.

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Wasted time.

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You’ve opened up a wormhole. Pack a lunch.

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You’ve wasted your time.

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@brettvdb xD that’s funny

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If you try to fail and succeed, you have given me a headache.

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Well if you are trying to succeed by failing and you fail.. you’ve succeeded in failing.

That’s the only way I can view it.

I mean, failing means to fall short
and succeeding means to reach your goal.

What you are trying to do is reach your goal of falling short and if you reach that goal (no matter how stupid that goal is) you still reached it; thus fulfilling your goal of failing.

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Often I think when we read a question we jump to other thoughts and rely too much on a deeper meaning, when really the question is quite simple.

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…created “The Producers”?

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@wildpotato: I would GA that multiple times if I could. <3

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Maybe it’s a matter of punctuation…

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You’ve succeeded at failing, which was your ultimate goal. Therefore, you succeed.

Still, it’s stupid.

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