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Do you mind being on your period?

Asked by hug_of_war (10720points) May 21st, 2009

Simone_de_beauvoir said she didn’t mind so I wondered.

Do you dread it? Are you relieved when it comes to an end? Is it burdensome for you?

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I find it annoying. It’s sometimes painful, but controlled with Advil. I just hate the mess it can make.
Depending on what I want, sometimes I’m relieved and other times I’m completely devastated that it has arrived.

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I never did – I was super excited when I first got it, and ever since then I always like getting them, it meant to me that I’m fertile, that my body’s healthy…it never ‘ruined’ my life, I don’t get bitchy around ‘that time of the month’ and I don’t think it’s good when those birth control pills nowadays make you not have them at all – we will see negative effects of this later

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I want mine! lol

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Ah, the joy of being a man…

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Go Red Wings!

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I don’t mind it, it’s just a part of life. Other people mind because sometimes I do get quite bitchy

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@bob_ pff, for some of us, it’s not a bother

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Lucky! I used to become a complete bitch when on my period. It seems to be easing up as I get older. I know around when to expect my period but I always wake up with it suddenly, no symptoms prior (other than breaking out, which sucks)

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Yes, it’s uncomfortable, messy and distracting. Loading up my handbag with tampons, pads and wipes for extra trips to the restroom is annoying. Dreading accidents and possible ruined clothing and bedding is exasperating. Sex is uncomfortable to the point it’s pretty much not even worth it during that time. Oh yeah, I get cravings for salty food snacks I wouldn’t otherwise eat which mess up my moods. It’s all crapulence.

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I’m a beaver…

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I’m with @hungryhungryhortence. Yes I mind! It’s a burden in so many ways. Having to keep up with it, extra trips to the bathroom, and not to mention the cost of tampons (and pads if you use them). Then you factor in cramps and moodiness, and I don’t know about you girls, but it messes with my tummy for a day if you catch my drift. Basically, it’s a week of my life down the tube.

But I’m still adverse to the “no period” birth control pills. While I hate Aunt Flo, I feel like it needs to happen.

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I “became a woman” on my 11th birthday and that was the last time my period was a bother. It was just that I hadbern under the impression that it was an annual thing, then my mom says something about “28 days” >.<

But really, I don’t mind and I really don’t have to think about it much. Luckily I’ve never had the cramps/bloating/PMS problems that a lot of women have.

As an aside, I actually do have an aunt named Flo, so that can be awkward :p

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It’s not my favorite time of the month, but it’s always a nice reminder that things are working the way I want them to be. It’s really only one or two days of suckiness with leg cramps and hunger and crankiness and stuff.

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I hate it. I get bad cramps and extremely irritated. If it wouldn’t put me into early menopause I’d get the whole shebang cut out.

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@LC_Beta LOL, awk-waaard!

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@tinyfaery My mom had a hysterectomy and they left her ovaries, so no menopause!

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YES. I hate it so much. It’s heavy, irregular, painful and lasts forever. It hasn’t been normal since my kid was born. I basically feel like I have the flu for the first couple days of it. I get body aches, my chest feels tight, and my brain feels like it’s going to pop and run out my ears. Sounds like freaking syphilis! I need to go to the doctor for an exam, but it’s sort of difficult because I’m always on my (atpoundollar) period. PLUS I’m trying to get freaking pregnant again, and I wish my stupid uterus would cooperate already so I can find out when the hell I’m ovulating!

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I used to get the most awful cramps the first couple of days. But then some smart cookies invented sodium naproxen and it’s all good now! :D

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@ubersiren I can’t figure out when I’m ovulating either! I’ve been following my cycle for months and I’m at a loss. It’s pissing me off.

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@aprilsimnel Pamprin Max and a glass of red wine. Nectar of the gods.

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It’s a love/ hate relationship for sure.
I’m very happy and relieved when I get it, but that’s where my appreciation ends.
My stomach hurts (I totally know what you’re saying @essieness) I get horrible cramps. My back hurts. Sometimes I throw up. My pants won’t fit. I want junk food. It gets in the way of my plans (camping, anyone?) and my boobs are huge, hot, sore, and heavy.

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@elijah : I forgot about the boob pain. Luckily mine don’t get as bad as yours seem to (ouch!- reminds me of breastfeeding!) but they are sore, and so are my armpits.

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@ubersiren Armpit pain? That’s a new one for me!

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It’s an annoyance to me, but I used to really hate it. When I was a teenager and into college, I’d get cramps so bad I could barely stand up. All I wanted was Advil and a nap. After having kids, I rarely have any kind of pain, but for the past year or so I get a little nauseous a couple days before my period starts. After that, it’s just something annoying to deal with for a few days. I also don’t trust the pills that stop your period and keep waiting to hear some news report about the detrimental effects of that.

I recently shared the news about menstruation with my ten year old daughter. I thought maybe she’d know something about it from talking to girls at school, but she didn’t. She took the news like I did—with a certain amount of horror and dread, and a long rant about the unfairness of life.

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@ubersiren Yeah, armpits too. I forgot. I think there’s some glands there or something.

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@essieness – Hahahaha! I’ll bet!

I got a free app called FMC for my iPhone. I only entered the first one recently, and it’s going by a 28-day cycle for the moment. I’ll see when the next period is, and it will re-calibrate the cycle for me. I’m interested. I’ve never really kept track before, seeing as I’ve not been looking to conceive or especially worried that I would.

@ubersiren – There’re lymph nodes in your armpits that can be affected by your cycle.

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I used to hate it. Carrying tampons around, super heavy flow, rush trips to the restroom in the middle of doing things, cramps that went from my back to my groin and down my things. After a while I got used to it and just found it bit of an annoyance. I sure don’t miss it now that I have my Mirena, though!

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I mind it tremendously, since I’m female-bodied but do not identify as female. It feels so wrong and makes me absolutely miserable. I’m fortunate enough that I never get cramps (so far! <knocks on wood>) but there is NO cycle to it. It comes and goes whenever it pleases, a day or two here, a day or two there, nothing for three weeks, then six full weeks of heavy bleeding, a few more weeks of nothing, then another couple of days, then a couple days of nothing, then a “normal” week, then months of nothing, then another few days… It’s crazy and unpredictable and it would be a goddamn nuisance even if I didn’t have the gender issues I have.

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Nowadays, it’s not so bad, since I got a Mirena IUD, I occasionally get a little boob swelling and moody a day before. But when I was on the pill, the emotional and physical PMS symptoms were bad, sometimes unbearable.

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It hurts like hell, so yes, I mind.

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It was way worse for me when I was on the pill and the ring. Are all you girls who have it bad on bc? Just curious.

@essieness That’s one of my favorite cocktails!

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The thing I mind the worst is that bizarre hormonal thing where other people’s cycles affect yours. I work in a school and coach girls’ sports, so much of the year, mine seems to be at the will of 15 teenage girls. It’s frustrating, but not to the point that I want to take birth control just to deal with it.

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I hate it! I get bad lower back pain for a couple of days and for some reason my farts smell really really bad during my period. When I tell my husband “period fart” he knows to leave the room!

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Yes, I mind bleeding out of any orifice at any time.

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@jonsblond I am laughing so hard I am crying. Lurve!

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I’ve reduced my period down to a few times a year, so I don’t really mind it. The hormone train ride is not fun however. I would love to get rid of that portion.

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yeah i’m not too fond of bleeding out of the vajayjay to be honest.

the cramps suck too.

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I am ruled by it!

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It’s the devil!

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I don’t mind it much. It is pretty regular, and although it is can be heavy it only lasts about three days. No cramps, but lots of chocolate cravings.

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Luckily I don’t get cramps or mood swings, but I do find it irritating. It’s especially frustrating when I get it early – I usually wake up wondering if I killed someone or something.

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i hate it.
no sex for me during that time and, oddly enough, that’s when i want it the most…
yea, the cost of tampons is horrible.
i don’t get much pain except every now and then. but even so, it’s not that bad to where i need to take aspirin or anything. so i’‘m lucky for that i guess.
i hate pads, but if i use them during the nite (cuz my mom made me deathly scared of TSS) i hate the bloody mess in the morning.

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I hated it. Gall stones hurt about the same amount as cramps but higher up and didn’t come with diarrhea. Sometimes all I could do at school was pound my head on the bathroom wall for a distraction, then I would go back to class. I felt terrible, my mood stank, and all I ever wanted to do was curl up somewhere in a dark hole and sleep with a heating pad on my abdomen.

Cramps also came accompanied with migraines frequently, so nausea, head pain, problems with light, and all that was part of it. In addition, it always seemed to happen whenever I was supposed to go camping, go sailing, spend the night at someone’s house, start a new job, or cram for a big exam. And then for a while in my twenties I was having hot flashes, too.

And the funny thing is that, with all of that agony, I was never able to carry to term and so ended up adopting two children.

Menopause has been a wonderful experience compared to all that. Its like being a little kid again, except I can float better.

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Luckily I only get it every 3 months as with the pill I’m on you can take it continuously for that amount of time.

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@jonsblond lmao! period farts are the worst

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Period farts? Dude.

<—Stops following

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@bob_ Is that all it takes? The mention of period farts and you stop following. I should have mentioned them sooner! ;)

_bob's avatar

@jonsblond Nah, I was just kiddin’ ;)

Also, check this out.

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@bob_ lmao I was kiddin’ too btw.

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@jonsblond : I have to say that reading the phrase “period farts” triggered my gag reflex ever so slightly. But it was still funny as hell.

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