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Do the Two Rivers folk reach Tar Valon before the end of Robert Jordan's <i>The Eye of the World</i>?

Asked by Job_Dung_Hill (12points) December 21st, 2007

I’m 500 pages in and they still seem to be a long ways off.

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I think so, but my advice would be to not waste your time with this series. I read the first few books and threw up my hands somewhere around book four. I think he’s on book 8 or 9 by now, with no end in sight. This guy really needs to make an outline or something. There are a dozen fantasy authors who write better, more succinct books than Robert Jordan, who I just feel is milking the fantasy cash cow.

Sorry if there are any R.J. lovers out there, but I think his books mostly appeal to guys who love the idea of a saucy four-some with Min, Aviendha and Elayne, or the naughty descriptions of the low-cut dresses the women wear in the World of Dreams.

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No, he finished the series and has passed away since then, though the final book hasnt been printed yet.

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He didn’t finish the last book, but had an outline and some of the chapters done before he died. A new writer has been chosen by his widow to finish the series.

As for your question – do you really want to know?

I agree, the books are long and drawn out and the series does a super-stall around books 8 or 9, but (and I’m a straight lady) I still really like the series.

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no. there’s a change of plans.

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