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How many of you are here from Digg?

Asked by mirza (5042points) December 21st, 2007

and do you like fluther so far?

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i am and i absolutely love this place. ive been on here for the last five hours. i think this is one of the greatest sites.

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I’m not. I’m from Webware, though I do have a Digg account. (I like StumbleUpon more than Digg)

Fluther is GREAT! It’s a huge step in a new direction. I hope, with luck, this will continue to grow and become more used than yahoo.

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I do have a Digg account. I came across this site by looking through some list on Webware of best Web 2.0 designs. I like how this makes it’s better eye-candy and a friendlier community than Yahoo Answers.

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Welcome everybody! Thanks for adding to the community!

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Amazing to see so many new people. I was just about to ask where you all came from when I read the little “5 minute” update at the top of the page. Welcome!

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Wow, i’m from digg too…

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I’m from Digg, and this place is great. It’s so much more friendlier and the answers are better than they are at other places like Yahoo Answers. And Fluther is a lot easier to use and better designed than the Wikipedia Reference Desk.

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I found this site from Launchrz and have only accessed it from there (on my iPhone). I like it so far, the experience on the iPhone is plesant.

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Came here from a link to the top 10 designed sites of 07, which I found on digg :) Loving it so far.

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I’m not, but i have a Digg account! And i Live Digg!!!

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I’m here from Digg.

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Not me..I saw this from a random blog entry while searching for an alternative yahoo answers site :]

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