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Do you have any geeky T-shirts?

Asked by Dansedescygnes (2881points) May 21st, 2009

If so, which ones? I know a guy at my school who’s a total nerd and he’s not afraid to show it. I love his nerdy yet witty collection of T-shirts. I don’t have anything like that; the closest I have is a Google T-shirt that says “Google” on the front and “I’m feeling lucky” on the back (This one here: Anyway, I just saw a T-shirt that I really want:

I am going to get that!

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My best friend and I made lord of the rings t-shirts. Can’t get much nerdier than thatt. I also have a shirt witht some mathematical important architectural thingy that says “do the math” but I hate math and only have it cause my school gave them away for free

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I have a t-shirt that says GEEK on it, does that count? I also have from various websites that mail out free t-shirts with their logo, plus one I had to buy (Jellyshirt).

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I have a Daring Fireball tee. I only wear it under stuff.

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Haha, those shirts are awesome.

As for me, nah. Button-downs take up a majority of my wardrobe. Or the occasional white-tee/jeans combo when I’m feeling casual.

I’d never hold anything against anyone with those shirts, however! I’d wear them in a heartbeat if they were given to me.

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I have many cheesy ones
but one I want to get for the kids has an acute angle on it and some letter written in in red ink that makes it say ‘I’m acut I e”

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Our schools huge party theme shirt was a pear on the front and Saint Augustine’s quote “Give me chastity and continence, but not yet.”

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I had one with the Decepticons symbol on it back in high school… that’s the worst I can think of.

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The better question would be do i have any non geeky shirts?

Most of my shirts are comic book/super hero shirts.

Heres the geekiest ones :P

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lol…I love geeky shirts.

But OMG that last one is terrible!...haha…

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@Dansedescygnes thats the best one! I love wearing that shirt because 90% of the people dont get it but those few that do always give a funny reaction.

btw the japanese below roughly translates to “open your eyes! accept the love!”

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Yes i do

mostly threadless, because i used to live in chicago.

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I find it interesting that I was one of the 10% that got it. How the hell did that happen? lol


Scrabble humor ftw!

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I have one that says “It must be user error” on it. I also have one that says “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” all written in sharpie on one of those Hello name tags.

So I have computer geek and movie geek shirts.

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I have a hoodie that says “I am ten ninjas.” It was the boy’s but I begged for it. His geek is wearing off on me, big time.

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I love Tim’s ”Derivers wanted” shirt

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Haha 1337 is the coolest shirt EVER! by Uberbatman!

I have a dinosaur shirt from when I was a kid…..It’s pretty awesome.. =S

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@milla101 thanks, its from little gamers you can find the shirt here

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I have one that was awarded by our local paper for winning a science trivia contest.

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I don’t own it, and am not qualified to wear it, but my favourite was the “Damn! I forgot to have kids!” tee from the seventies.

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I have a “Baby VS Rhino” shirt from Penny Arcade.

I would love to buy more shirts, except the custom fees for bringing them into Canada SUCK SO MUCH and often times the package just doesn’t show up, or if it does it’s like 10 weeks later.

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When I was in high school (20 years gone now) I used to be known for my geeky T-shirts. I was like that guy on 30 Rock with the hats, only I had shirts I would try to find sayings that I liked. My collection included…

“Stroh’s…breakfast of champions.”
“Get really stoned. Drink wet cement.”
“If you love something, set it free. If it doesn’t return, hunt it down and kill it.”

Of course there was the obligatory smiley face with embedded hatchet and trickling blood.

And my personal favorite that I wore to all my friends’ grad parties so their families could get really close and try to read it. In EXTREMELY small type in hard to read white letters on a deep red background, off center and high up on the shirt, it read:

nosey little fucker, aren’t you?

One year, I’m thinking about 1986, I got REALLY geeky, and had my own shirt printed. I was wondering how slang gets started, so I decided to start my own slang word. I had the word “EXTREME” screen printed on a shirt. Shortly thereafter, we started talking about “extreme” things like “extreme sports”, “to the extreme”, even got a band with that name. I’m not taking credit for it though…I was after all a kid in a nothing backwoods small town, just one of those strange coincidences I guess.

Nowadays I mostly wear T-shirts made by a company called “The Mountain”, they have pictures of wild animals, dragons, trolls, etc. The designs are bold and I can get them in extended sizes. I get as many comments on those as I got on the shirts I wore in high school.

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( funny no one here’s mentioned having a Fluther tee… er, Jelly Shirt. )

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But is that really geeky or just off the wall?

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That’s one of my favorite cartoons!

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Andrew’s mother sent me, out of the blue, a tee with the script “I am the Grammarian about whom your mother warned you” written on the front. In my community it garners laughs.

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@gailcalled so it gets lots of laughs at the 4pm early bird special?~

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@eponymoushipster: Only one restaurant in town that serves dinner and it is filled with folks like Ellsworth Kelly, Karen Allen, Lance Morrow, Verklyn Klinkenberg, James Ivory,(director) Al Roker, and dozens of award-winning movie actors, directors, screen writers, novelists, journalists and non-fiction writers. I can assure you that they (and we) are not dining at 4:00PM. Everyone is out cultivating and weeding his vegetable garden then.

Meryl Streep and Jane Curtain pop into town occasionally, too.

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@gailcalled Well, yeah. probably got to wait til 8pm for the next shipment of products if Roker’s in town.~

^^note the ~

p.s. i know who james ivory is.

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@eponymoushipster : I was having trouble with the “textile” markup. “Director” was not supposed to be there.

But I am at sea about the “early-bird special” and the “next shipment of products.” What are you referring to? Roker’s eating habits? He’s looking pretty thin these days, although he is shorter than I would have guessed.

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@gailcalled re: textile, i had the same issue. Andrew said put the link in [] brackets. :)

Yeah, Roker has been putting it back on, though. Plus, he’s always on Food Network. I think his stomach staples are coming undone. hehe.

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@eponymoushipster : Maybe Roker has just shrunk. He has an elegant and slender wife, however, and two adorable kids.

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@gailcalled i want my roker larger than life.

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I own a Batman shirt if thats classed as geeky, but I know a guy with this shirt:

Resistance Is Futile
(if <1 Ohm)
link to buy

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Did you see the three wolf t-shirt in the news yesterday? I have one that I bought a long time back. I collect wolf t-shirts and I have a couple of dozen of them.

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I don’t have that PARTICULAR shirt, but that 3 wolf shirt is made by The Mountain which is the company I mentioned above.

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