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Help on Ipod touch?

Asked by mea05key (1812points) May 22nd, 2009

I charged my ipod today and realized that the green battery is not full even though the black plug symbol appeared on the right hand corner of the battery. There’s inconsistency over here. How can i know whether the battery is fully charged?

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Unplug charging cable then plug it back in. If the plug symbol was false, then it should be a lightning bolt when you plug it back in.

Happens to me all the time.

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Maybe it wasn’t plugged on right because it does that to me too it means you have to disconnect it from your iPod and connect it again and when the little plug picture comes out it stops charging it and I’m not sure why it said the battery was green though

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if u look at the main screen where u slide to open… during charging period, there’s a big battery symbol. That battery symbol is not full even tho the plug symbol appears..hope this clarifies

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Hmm.. if nothing works, try restoring it.

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How long have you had it, after a while the battery will start to go bad and can’t hold a charge as well. If this is the problem you can probably send it in to apple or like a best buy and get the battery swapped out.

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^ Does that charge you?

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