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When you ask a question why doesn't it send it?

Asked by Tink (8668points) May 22nd, 2009 from iPhone

I would be lucky if this one went through. I’ve send in alot of questions and only two have gone in help me

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My guess is there was something wrong with your questions and they were pushed back to moderation. Check your emails.

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I checked it and I clicked on a link and it just confirmed my email adress. is that all it’s supposed to do?

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There is a limit to how many questions you can ask per day, maybe you reached the limit(2 I think)

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@YARNLADY I never knew there was a limit to how many questions you can ask.

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@chyna I hope it’s not just me. After I ask two, I get a notice at the top of my page that says I can’t ask anymore for a few hours.

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Yup 2 a day. It changes every so often though. Depends how busy fluther is.

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This is the first I have heard this. Of course, I don’t ask very many questions, so I wouldn’t need to know.

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I had the same problem. I never went over a limit and the questions werent inappropriate. I dunno… I gave up

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I didn’t know there was a daily limit either.

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@tink1113 My iPhone does that sometimes too. I never have issues when on the computer. It’s probably just a problem with the fluther app. It is a newer app so hopefully it will be resolved.

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I hate that i tried asking a question 3 times and asked it different ways, spell cjecked it in my head and i hit ask fluther but it goes back to the ask a question page?

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@Since010501- Maybe I should try the computer :)

@motoxdude102- Thats what happens to me

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[mod says] If you aren’t over the limit, and your questions haven’t been returned to you for editing, this shouldn’t be happening. Please use the ‘contact’ button at the top of the page and let the site founders know of the problem.

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I don’t have that button because I’m using my iPod touch

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@Tink1113 go on a computer?

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^ Thanks •_•

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