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Is avast! better than Norton?

Asked by bea2345 (6201points) May 22nd, 2009

Both are anti-virus software. I purchased Norton 3 years ago and found it satisfactory. Then the Dell went to the shop and came back with avast! (a fortnight ago). Avast! is free, but the subscription to the Norton expires in August. The technicians disabled Norton and installed the other one instead. Should I resume Norton and remove avast!?

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highly recommend avast

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IMO avast! is much better and well FREE

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Thank you, both of you.

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I prefer avast and would recommend keeping it.

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I have avast! Works a treat. And you can’t beat free.

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I am using norton antivirus gaming edition and have used avast in the past…i like norton the best yet…agreed that avast is free but when i was using it earlier it couldnt detect some viruses that were their in my portable hard disk, though on a friend’s computer with norton it cleaned those…

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