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Any ways (that work) of getting off the catalog mailing lists?

Asked by gailcalder (92points) December 4th, 2006
The number of catalogs I get are a scourge and a disgrace. LLBean alone deluges me almost daily. There are some sites that promise to save me the annoyance of calling every store that sends me mailings. Legit?
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Yes. For the worst offenders, you can call the company directly and ask to be taken off their lists. Other ideas can be found at
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Also, there is a great campaign right now being waged against Victoria's Secret because they send out over a million catalogs EVERY DAY. You can find out more about that campaign and take
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sorry--that link was wrong. Here's the right one:
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These sites sound great, and the price is right. For a few bucks, they allegedly stop the catalogs and also plant a tree.
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i had success in sitting down with a stack one sat. and just calling to get removed.
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everyone check out it's this cool company that keeps junk mail out of your mailbox and uses some of the cash to fund cool environmental projects. they also plant a tree in your name every month or year or something. pretty cool. only $3 a month.

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