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New Gilmore Girl season coming?

Asked by tocutetolive90 (888points) May 22nd, 2009

I was watching ABC family and it says all new season June 8th? Do they mean a season they haven’t shown before or is there new Gilmore Girls coming?

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I just went to the gG website on ABCf. The ad you mentioned plays as an auto-start at the top. Based on the ad, it looks as if there will be new episodes. My opinion…

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If there is I’m so excited!

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I don’t know where you got that from, I’m on ABC’s site, checked IMDB and Wiki, and can’t find anything. I’d be pretty excited if they did, but I think there would have been more promotion (and I think I would have heard about it lol)

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I saw it on TV. and Its in the clip in the corner of the GG page of the site. They said new episodes, but we are thinking its just season 7 new to ABC family

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I heard a speaker mention that the more popular a show is, the more likely it is to be cancelled, because people wait and rent whole seasons on DVD rather than watching it. This means less advertising revenue for the station, which means lower profitability, even though overall viewership and popularity go up.

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I hope they do!!! I love Gilmore Girls!!!

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I saw this commercial tonight, and wondered the same thing… I thought it was dead for sure, but who knows?

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