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How can we import MP3s to a Samsung MP3 player?

Asked by smath (2points) May 22nd, 2009

A friend of mine bought a super cheap (years old) Samsung MP3 player today, but is having problems getting songs onto it. Apparently she has been downloading .MP3 files from music sites and whatnot, and those are the songs she is trying to get on the device. I’m miles away from her, and so I can’t just drop by and take a look for her, so if you guys could help, it’d be wonderful! She is using a PC that has Windows XP on it, if that helps at all.

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Can she go to the Samsung site, enter the model number in the search box and look for support, either instructions or the necessary software? There should be some documentation that would help her. Or, she could Google “Samsung [model number] transfer mp3” and there might be a page with instructions/software.

I’m surprised it’s not drag and drop.

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It should be drag n’ drop. If she can’t just place the songs in the appropriate folder, the device is broken.

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Thanks to both of you! I sent her this page, so hopefully she’ll be able to get things working!

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Yeah, something must be wrong with it. Unless she’s one of those people, like me, who simply refuses to read the user manual. The purpose of an mp3 player is to play mp3s, there shouldn’t be problem loading them on, so something isn’t right.

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My guess is the mp3 player had a disk or something with a driver she needed to install in order for it to work.

She is most likely using an mp3 player that plugs in using a standard USB cord which is why i get the feeling she doesn’t have the right driver, try finding a samsung site or even try locating the right drivers on

Thats what i had to do with s webcam i got from a friend.
Hope it all works out.

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When purchasing music on the internet, some songs come down as protected aac files or something like that, iTunes store was like that. So if you burn a cd of the protected files and then reload them as mp3 files you can put them onto mp3 players. Tell your friend to check and see what sort of files these songs actually are. If that doesn’t do it, I don’t have a clue!!!
Drag and drop works for practically all the mp3 players I have seen.

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go here SAMSUNG and search for your mp3 player. Once you find it, you should be able to see a downloads area where you can download the latest software for the mp3 player. From there, download the software, install it on your computer, and then plug in your mp3 player. The software should be drag and drop as in to import songs you just drag it from your desktop onto the mp3 player.

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