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If you gave birth at home: what was the best thing done for you by someone you invited to have there with you?

Asked by susanc (16139points) May 22nd, 2009

Not a professional person, a person you invited to keep you feeling loved and comfortable.

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I don’t know if this counts, because I gave birth in a hospital, but in a birthing room decorated to look like home, and with a mid-wife.

My husband (at the time) and my best friend were with me for all three births. I can’t stress enough how much it helped me to have two birthing helpers… one on each side of the bed. My friend placed cool, wet washcloths on my forehead, held my hand, held my leg, and whispered in my ear. She laughed with me, and cried with me. Of course, my husband did most of the same things over on his side of the bed… but he wasn’t as calm and soothing as she was.

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Thanks aug. My daughter-in-law’s coming right up on it. I love her.

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Are you the helper? In any case, whether you are or not… how exciting!

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Depends on what she would like…and you can’t possibly predict that until she is in labor.
She may want someone to constantly touch her, rubbing her back, placing cool compresses on her back, helping her onto a birthing ball (high recommend a birthing ball!!) Or, she may turn into a monster and not want anyone near her..which is also fine. Because just being there can be support enough.

My mother didn’t push me, and didn’t insist on being right there. She knew I wanted to be just with my husband, and so did my MIL. They respected my wishes, which was great.
Oh, and my mother was also the one who saw that I was exhausted and made everyone leave. That was something I truly loved.
If you want to bring something, I’d bring her favorite drink..I drank apple juice and gingle ale while in labor. My husband had to sneak it to me (I was in a hospital) He also ran out immediately to get me a ham and cheese sandwich, which I hadn’t had in 9 whole months!

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My niece gave birth by accident, on the living room floor. She didn’t even have time to get to the sofa or bed. Her first son had be born in the hospital after a really long and difficult labor.

Surprisingly,the second one just popped out. My niece’s husband had the cell phone to one ear and was talking to the visiting nurse who was on the George Washington Bridge in a snow storm. Little Julian slid out and almost slipped from the husband’s hands, like an adorable greased pig.

So, no time for juice, ice chips or any amenities. A boiled nail scissors, dental floss and the cell phone were the essentials, and of course a knowlegeable husband.

Thee nurse finally arrived, but by then, everyone was fine and they decided to skip the trip to the hospital.

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@gailcalled I must say, that story horrifies me. I had a long and difficult labor with my first, so I was thinking I won’t be in such a rush to get to the hospital with the second. Not anymore! haha

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Very helpful to a prospective new grandmother (actually we’re waiting for the sibling of the granddaughter in my avatar photo). I’ve been at 2 previous births, but they were long ago.
I want to be as good as possible. My daughter-in-law is valiant and fun and smart, and my son is steady and sweet. I’m lucky to be invited.

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@casheroo: My niece and her husband took the money they saved by delivering on the living room rug and put into their kids’ college fun. (Perhaps they bought a new rug, also.)

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edit: fund.

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They passed me a brand new roll of the four ply.

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@susanc Your avatar photo appears to be a canine . . . is this your granddog? I am so confused . . .

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