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Why did Bendrew stop doing the Fluther Videocasts?

Asked by eponymoushipster (20297points) May 22nd, 2009

i was viewing the existing ones, from a year ago. Why did they cease to amaze?

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Maybe the camera broke?

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Our benevolent deities have forsaken us. We must have done something which displeases them. Quick! A sacrifice.

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What ever shall we sacrifce to our angry deities? Do they wish ice cream? pancakes? Pizza? the frizzer? Oh, we are lost without our benevolent masters! Quick someone find a virgin to throw into Mount Bendrew, the volcano gods insist upon a sacrifice!

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@breedmitch we’ll never find a virgin on fluther….

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Send them a cake!

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Bendrew does have other professional commitments, other social activities, family, friends and lovers, remember.

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@gailcalled bah. if al roker can eat dinner with james ivory, anything’s possible!
@janbb send them virgins. :)

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I say Bendrew desires a virgin; quick, to the petting zoo…wait, never mind, that’s a bad idea. Forget I said that, I wasn’t thinking.

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Follow the sandal!

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