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If past lives were real, without a doubt, what life number would you be on?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23996points) May 22nd, 2009

Just say, for fun, that they’re real. Would you be at the beginning, middle or end of your lives? You don’t have to take your current age into account, either. You can be 15 and feel 80, for instance.

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This question makes me think of the movie “Defending Your Life” and the Hall of Past Lives.

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My grandma is a big believer in past lives. She is terrified of cats and thinks she was killed by a tiger or something in a previous life.

I am really fascinated with the 1960s and 1970s. I love the fashion, the music was amazing and I adore home furnishings from those eras. I sometimes feel like I was born at the wrong time. So maybe I did have a life previously, I dunno. I don’t really believe in reincarnation, so I probably just have really good taste in music…

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I’m not a total screw up nor a raging success, but as far as the whole life thing goes? I really don’t seem to have completely gotten the hang of it, to be honest, so I’m thinking I would probably be in the late beginning, early middle, possibly, even the middle-middle, or late middle range somewhere. I really don’t know how these things are measured, what the scale is, but that’s likely where I fall. Is there a chart somewhere? Can you provide a link? :)

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@knitfroggy- Your grandma must be fun to be around with :)

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@Tink1113 my grandma is awesome. She also belives that marriage is an unnatural state and that people should never get married awfully forward thinking for a 70 year old woman even though she was married to my grandpa for 52 years before he passed away. She is a cool person.

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@knitfroggy- I would want my grandma to be that “creative” but I still love her and sorry about your grandpa

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I’m on my second. My first really was insignificant, I was a snail…...

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Goodness. It’s hard to speculate… I have a feeling I’d be towards the end of my journey, just because I’ve learned so much from this life. It seems like I’ve lived several lifetimes in this one alone! I’m 41, but I feel much older – in mind and body both. The wisdom I’ve attained (if any) has been hard won, but I feel quite satisfied with my understanding of people and life in general at this point in my life. Maybe I’ve got a very wrinkled soul underneath this middle-aged body of mine. ;)

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In my first life, I was a cat in Egypt (guardian of the dead and all that jazz) back in the Pharaoh Tutankhamun days. If memory serves me correctly, I lost a couple of lives fending off nefarious mummies so that would mean I’m on my 4th life right now. (Cats still have nine lives right? If so, I still get 5 chances after this current episode to do it all over again).

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About my 16th life.

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I am on my fiftieth life. I am one of those idiots that refuses to learn from his past mistakes. I have a long hard row ahead of me, and maybe next time…wait, reincarnation isn’t real. Never mind.

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I know I’ve been here before, I just don’t know how many times.

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Depends on how many we get in total. Do our souls go back into a body the moment we die? Then we’d all be thousands of lives old. Or do we just get 7?

I believe that if there’s a limit, I’m on one of my last ones. Things are making sense, I feel a lot wiser in that sense than most people around me (not wiser in the everyday, living sense, but in the metaphysical one). And I seem to have vivid memories of past lives, though they could also be parallel lives. I often dream of a parallel universe, where the same places look so much different.

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If I had to pick, like augustlan, I’d say that I’m near the end.

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Are we looking at it as a form of reincarnation? With nirvana being the final destination? Or as an infinite process? If infinite, there really is no number. With a final destination, I would say around 500 lives. Lots of crap in my head. :-)

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I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this is my first or second life – there is just so much I have yet to learn. On the other hand I can see it taking fifteen or twenty go rounds to find one’s soul-mate and I have managed to do that this time.

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If past lives were real, without a doubt, there would probably be some way to determine it.

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My first life was as some sort of seaman… fisherman, pirate, sailor. Second I was a wealthy British socialite in the early 1900s. These are based on zero evidence.

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I think I would be 23 or 24. I am really 16.

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@cwilbur This is for fun, dude.

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Gq. Probably 2nd. Or 3rd. Maybe even 1st.

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I would say my third or fourth. This is definitely something I have thought of before.

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Why do you think you’d be on first, second, third or fourth lives, people?

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I, at least, feel quite inexperienced. But I’m young; and does experience transfer from life to life?

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@daloon because sometimes people experience things in life that make them feel like they’ve lived a separate one. thats the only way to describe it. (for me at least) i had a rough childhood and because of such i had to grow up early and so i didnt get to be a “kid” until i got into high school and because of such my childhood seems a far and detached event. does that make any sense?

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