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Why do so many men walk past a urinal and go into a toilet stall to urinate?

Asked by justwannaknow (1369points) May 22nd, 2009

It happens all of the time. There are empty urinals but men will go hide in the stall and then piss all over the seat.

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some guys don’t like urinals because they’re afraid of “backsplash”. others aren’t comfortable pulling it out near other dudes.

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Some people think mouths make interesting urinals. Homophobia.

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i have done it a couple of times too…once when all the urinals were full or there was only one empty…it feels weird to do it right there with “Everybody”..
the other times when the partition wasn’t high or broad enough to hide the necessaries, then i would go to the toilet stall..

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privacy, comfort.

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Im not a guy but I think they want privacy

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Shy bladder

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I would assume privacy would be an issue. Either that or they want to do something like pick their noses or do a line of coke without having to share.

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Privacy totally. It’s not quite right to just get it out when there’s another option. Would woman all squat alongside each other if it were an option or go to a cubicle to do their business?

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Go to a cubicle!

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I never use urinals; don’t like them.

And people do it for privacy mainly. And not to mention this:

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I think many men suffer from “stadium stop.” These are the dudes who usually hightail it to the stalls.

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It depends, they could be fleeing to a stall to pee whilst still following the previously unwritten Rules of Urinal Use (RUU), which have since been featured in so many web pages, flash games, quizzes, and other random crap on the internet that they’re no longer unwritten (I’d like to mention the RUU don’t apply if decent boundaries are provided; I’m talking about those odd walls that are about 1.5 times torso length, about 5~5.5ft tall at the top and about 2–3 feet deep, not the tiny ones that the urinals stick past). In reality though, if I really have to pee, RUU be damned. I’ve occasionally (read: very rarely) seen a guy go into a stall to pee when he could easily have obeyed the RUU and still used a urinal; the only guess I can hazard in this case is that he was thinking about sitting down and then realized he didn’t need to, other than that, no clue. As far as pissing on the seat: poor form…I would call you gentlemen but I think you’ve already excluded yourselves from that group. I mean seriously, they even make seats that fold up so you can piss all over the seat and not actually piss all over the seat, you’ve had that thing your entire life and you still can’t aim? For shame, sir, for shame.
I’ll stop typing now, because I’m clearly rambling at this point, and that could go on for a good long time if I don’t stop it, which I will. Now.

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So you’re the guy watching other guys in urinals. What was it you said to that cop who busted you – it seemed to piss him off?

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Definitely stage fright. Some days I feel a bit squirrely so I’ll head straight for the stall for a bit of privacy. Mostly I’ll use a urinal. But EVERY ONCE in a while I’ll go up to pee at a urinal and some dude will walk up next to me. And for some reason if I hear the other guy pee first, my penis says, “nope.. sorry. I’m not gonna go. I’m just gonna make you stand there and look like a pervert.” It’s frustrating, I think that I just don’t like the sound of other people peeing and it makes me nervous.

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do I answer or not? What the hell, I’ll answer

For those who might suffer from stage fright, picture yourself peeing on the other guy. A wise person told me this once and ever since then I’ve used it and it has always worked.

no, I’m not into that sort of thing

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^Thats an interesting idea. I can see how one might get carried away and get into a bit of trouble.

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Personally, I do because I don’t like being observed. Badly designed urinals can also splash.

Those who are directionally challenged should sit down. Most men can aim just fine.

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I prefer urinals. I don’t really mind if other guys have a look as long as they keep their distance.

if they didn’t, I’d slap them with little john

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For the same reason women walk past a tree, yet decide to go into a toilet to urinate. Our culture considers certain parts of our body a taboo, and displaying them in public is frowned upon. In any case, it has become embarrassing for the last couple of generations of men to pee when someone else is watching.

Urinals are remnants of a different era, when men would just pee against a tree and women stayed at home all the time where they had their own toilet. Men had to adapt to this reality from a young age, and it became normal to pee in front of other men, or have showers together (in the army for example). Today things are very different, and even when I was in the army we had private booths for showering, as well as individual toilets at our barracks. And of course nowadays public places such as restaurants also allow women in. What’s this world coming to?

Incidentally, personally I can’t pee at all if there’s someone else watching. Even if my bladder is about to burst, I’ll wait for the next toilet to be empty rather than use a urinal. I just can’t do it. Oh and I’m very careful about the seat, making sure to always leave a public toilet cleaner than I found it (I’m the sort of guy that will even mop the floor if there’s a mop around).

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I just can’t imagine urinating in front of people. I can barely do it in a stall with other people in the room. lol

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There are men that purposely LOOK at other “men’s” and that always strikes me as uncomfortably weird. I’m not interested in looking at you, so don’t look at me. And when they’re strangers, it’s even weirder.

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@Jack79 – Women don’t use trees. That’s a guy thing. We prefer bushes, the bushier the better.

Besides in many places using a tree or a bush is against the law.

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If they can not use a urinal like a man can they at least sit down like a woman. I HATE PISSED ON TOILET SEATS!!!

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How do you know they are urinating.
If I don’t like the energy of the person piss’in in the urinal, I’ll hit the stall; you just don’t know what he could be doing, stealing or eating urinal cakes.
I always avoid those kind of people.

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I prefer the manly freedom of using urinals; however, I also adamantly insist on having gender privacy in the men’s room. Unfortunately, here in Asia, there are only female janitors and they clean the men’s room while we men are using them. 95% of the time thatthey are in men’s rooms, it is for some reason other than to do real cleaning. They hang out, use their phones, stare at men using the urinals, comb their hair, talk to men, etc. Women should never be in men’s rooms, but what goes on here in Asia is beyond out of control. It cannot be defended by saying it’s just a part fo the culture. That’s no excuse. “Culture” is not an excuse for wrong doing.

So, rather than having to pee in a hurry and look nervously over my shoulder, I use stalls. Most men are too afraid to admit that they don’t like having women in the men’s room. Men need to learn to speak for themselves.

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Why not just sit down?

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