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Is it okay to shoot 12 gauge slugs out of a barrel with a modified choke tube in it?

Asked by buster (10239points) May 22nd, 2009

Shotguns barrel configurations.

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Trenchcoat mafia? Of course it’s okay, try it out… let me know how it goes…

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According to this article, maybe.

“Question: Is it safe to shoot a slug in a shotgun that has a screw-in choke?

“Answer: The answer depends on the choke tube that’s screwed into the barrel. You can get rifled choke tubes designed to spin the slug (to be used with sabot slugs), or you can just use a cylinder or improved cylinder tube (for rifled slugs).
It’s perfectly safe to do with a shotgun that’s in good repair, with proper ammo for that gun’s chamber length. I wouldn’t want to shoot many slugs through a tighter choke, but some modified chokes will do okay with slugs.

“The tighter you go, the more pressure there is on the barrel and action, and the more stress is placed on the muzzle, which is thinner than the rest of the barrel anyhow… and this is especially true of newer guns, since their muzzles are threaded for choke tubes (the threading process removes metal from the barrel).

“But with the right choke (rifled, cylinder, improved cylinder, or possibly modified) screwed or built into the gun, no problem.”

- Russ Chastain

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Only if you have a crush on some ER staff.

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Yep. I’ve done it many times with rifled slugs in my 1100 20ga. I did not notice any difference.

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No, you’re going to jail, LOL.

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they’re expensive, but I would get a slug barrel to be on the safe side, which is really the only place to be when handling any kind of gun.

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