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What good or funny memories do you have of someone that passed away?

Asked by Tink (8673points) May 22nd, 2009 from iPhone

Mine is of my great grandma. When I was 3 or 4 she used to steal my Popsicles from me and everytime I eat one it reminds me of her

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I have enough good fun memories of my grandpa to fill a book. He was so fun and funny, a lot of time unintentionally funny. He was from Arkansas, so he talked kind of different and a lot of people had trouble understanding what he was trying to get across. One time a telemarketer called and Poppy was answering all these questions. My aunt and I were just kinda giggling, then they asked his name. He told them it was William, then he said it again, William. Finally he goes “BY GOD! It’s W-I-DOUBLE L-I-A-M!” For some reason it caught me and my aunt funny and we laughed about it for years. Another time he was laying back in his recliner and my little cousin knocked his chair over. Poppy didn’t move and just said real quiet like “God Dammit, John!” he sounded so defeated it was hilarious. He was gone two years in April and there hasn’t been a day gone by that I haven’t thought of him. I wonder if I’ll ever stop missing him so much.

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Awww my grandpa is like that but when he gets mad he starts saying lots of bad words in spanish, especially to my cousin. He doesn’t like him because his ears are big. He’s always pulling them and he’s just like him he acts like a little kid, he throws tantrums too. One day he got in a fight with a 30 something year man over 25 dollars, and he’s 80 years old!

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There are so many that it wouldn’t be possible to write them all here. But here are a few:

When I was 18 and visiting my maternal grandmother I was curious about what was for dinner (she was a terrific cook). Her response was “My husband is dead, my children are all grown and so are you. Pass me the whiskey and get your own damn dinner.” Trust me, if you knew her you would know how funny this was.

My maternal grandfather had all his grandkids convinced that he went to the barber once a week to get his head polished.

My paternal grandfather used to steal the jam out of the kitchen and eat it with a spoon. When you tasked him on it he would insist on speaking only Yiddish and acting as if it were the only language he knew.

My best friend was a private investigator and so named her dogs Felonious and Miss Demeanor. Anytime you went anywhere with her you always got involved in something off the wall, such as catching a shoplifter, finding a runaway teen, or even (once) finding a dead body.

There are many, many more. Unfortunately I am at that age when I read the obits every day to see how many of my friends have died overnight.

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@Darwin- Hehehe
I think old peoples attitudes are cute especially when they have done something wrong and they get caught then they try to cover up there mess

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When I was 15 my grandpa built a house. Foundation to the the roof. I helped out and learned a lot about foundations, drywall, tiles, plumbing, and electrical. Best summer ever. He passed away a few years later.

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Back when my wife and I were first married, she worked third shift at a home for the mentally disabled. Since we only had one car, I would pick my wife up at the end of her shift. One particular ‘individual’ a woman by the name of “Famous’ was a really sweet, yet stubborn lady. She had a childlike demeanor, but then, she also had very adult ideas about stuff. One day I gave her a picture that I had drawn, and from that day forward, she always wanted to go home with me, saying I was HER husband. Famous would have her bags packed and would be waiting for me to arrive at the end of my wife’s shift. It was humorous, but rather scary, as this was one of my first introductions to a person with Down Syndrome. Famous was also about twice my age and not exactly my type.

Famous may have been childlike, but she was also a sexual being. (This is something some people don’t realize about the disabled, they have urges as well). Famous owned a particularly large dildo, which she usually employed in the bath tub or in the privacy of her room. I’d never seen it, and really didn’t want to, but the stories told by the staff were quite amusing. Famous enjoyed it, and was pretty vocal during its use. My wife said that Famous often had trouble remaining discreet during her dalliances with her ‘rubber lover.’

Once, my wife and I took Famous for a scenic car ride, because the poor thing had no family and rarely got out much. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, and it sounded like a good way to get out and enjoy the weather. We let Famous sit in the front passenger seat while my wife road in the back and I drove. We happened to go past a local horse breeding farm, and one of the Arabian studs was amusing himself right out in the open. Famous immediately noticed the animal was ‘presenting arms’ so to speak, and made an exclamation of joy. I asked my wife if I should stop, and she replied that Famous was an adult, and if she was entertained by such things, who were we to judge? So I stopped the car and let the poor woman enjoy the sights. She of course pointed and cooed and and looked at us to make sure we were seeing what she saw. Famous wasn’t vocal, as in able to speak in clear language, but she could make her wishes known with grunts, hoots and other noises.

Famous is deceased now, and is just one example of the many disabled folks I have met in my life that were instrumental is showing me how incredible every person we meet can be. I cried at Famous’s funeral as if she were a close relative, and not simply a ‘retard.’

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My papa owned a poultry plant, made a shitload of money, and always wore flannel shirts and pants patched with duct tape. I remember standing on his feet watching The Three Stooges eating Snickers and drinking Coke. Also, I had baby colic and I’ve heard countless stories of him carrying me around a pool table for miles.

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