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Is it not about time there was female drivers in the F1 ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) May 23rd, 2009

This is something i have thought for a while , but now that they use KERS and the huge weight restrictions . Next season would be the perfect opportunity for females to join the ranks of the world champions and show that they can stick it with the big boys .

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A very good and interesting question. That would be cool.

I have never heard of a female race driver. I am sure there have been. Are there female race drivers?

I have only questions here. This is something I have never thought about.

Edited: Out of context.

sandystrachan's avatar . They do exist .
And for the female pilots there are loads

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Thanks. Very interesting.

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Yeah. Also, female NFL players.

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@bob_ But then they would have to form a WNFL . !!!!
To get female drivers into the F1 they wouldn’t need to make a new class .

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@sandystrachan Oh, wait, come to think of it, there are women who play football. Sorry, my bad.

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@bob_ Do you think women should be taken the piss off like that ?
Do you also think that women can’t get involved in the F1 or even proper American football ? since they already play rugby and football (soccer ) is there something wrong with female F1 drivers ?

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@sandystrachan I do not think that. Do you think women who take part in the Lingerie Bowl are not true athletes?

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I was watching a commercial recently where the father just bought a new car and was out driving around commenting on the responsiveness, acceleration, etc. of this wonderful new car. Then the camera flashes to the back seat where there is a male child in a car seat with a steering wheel on it and he is mimicking everything dad says. My first thought was why don’t they at least have a boy and a girl or a girl only? The subtle message to young females is that this is a male thing, it is of no interest to you.

Until messages like that stop telling young girls they should play with Barbie and let the boys enjoy the new cars, the impetus isn’t there. There will always be the occasional rebels but not the numbers. Out of all the males who aspire to that kind of racing, not many make it so the same would be true of females, there would have to be a lot of them trying to make the grade in order for some to succeed. When girls are encouraged it will happen, as someone pointed out, there are now many female pilots, an area that was once a bastion of males.

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I’d love to see women in F1. I haven’t checked the link, and the only females I can think of are in Indy – Sarah Fisher and Danika Patrick (apologies if they are misspelled, I’m on the iPhone and it’s a hassle to look stuff up without losing what I’ve typed). Sadly, they haven’t had much racing success, despite Danika’s media attention.

As a woman who loves cars and driving, people do often act surprised. I don’t know why I developed this. My parents weren’t into it. I had an uncle whom I didn’t see often that was a good driver, and usually has nice cars, and he had an uncle like that also. One of my brothers and I seem to have gotten that gene.

I’d like to see women in NASCAR too. It seems they’ve had more success in drag racing and on smaller tracks, but none have broken through the ranks. some ethnic diversity would be nice to see, as well! An ex-bf of mine was African-American, and he was a great driver. People gave him looks for liking Auto Sports, too. *sigh *

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Too bad I am not interested watching even men racing. I think it’s utterly boring, which is probably why I have never heard of female race drivers. But then again, the few times I have seen anything about race drivers in local media, they have been all men. So, maybe media has a responsibility for that image. They only report what they think will sell a newspaper.

I don’t live in the states so there is probably a difference there. I didn’t know racing were big among women in the states.

But that would be a great thing. I don’t see why women and men wouldn’t race together. It’s about the car and the skill. I have no doubt they would kick ass.

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@bob_ Short answer No .
They are only there for guys to get there gollies from thats why they wear lingerie !!!!

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I now watched the link to the Lingerie Bowl. That is so demeaning. The cultures of the states are such paradoxes. How do people accept this to be broadcast at all?

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@oratio – it is on television because people (probably men with nothing to do) watch it. What I find appalling is that women subject themselves to that. Why would any woman in her right mind participate, there must be another way for them to make money. Of course I think the same thing when I see the cheerleaders. Why don’t they get a real job.

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@rooeytoo Yes, they are not innocent victims. I just don’t get it.

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