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What's the deal with all of these 'new' frozen yogurt places?

Asked by figbash (7483points) May 23rd, 2009

In the past 9 months it seems like there’s a Pinkberry, Starberry, _______berry, Red Mango or some very similar business model frozen yogurt place popping up everywhere – sometimes more than one on the same street. I don’t get it. I know frozen yogurt was a huge craze in the late 80’s, early 90’s – but not sure what this whole new trend is about. I thought we were kind of over it and had moved on. It’s like these places just discovered it / or are trying to do something retro? Has anyone else noticed this?

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Supply and demand at work.

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Where?!! Where are they?!! I’m so craving some froyo right now!!!

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Yum, that is not the case where I live :(

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@hungry Maybe we should go on a froyo run!

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Can I come :)

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@Tink Totally! Road trip!!!

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@loser – ill buy

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@loser: I nominate all the bail bonds and check cash huts in my city to be made over into frozen yogurt stores

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Well, I’d normally go with the supply and demand idea, but a lot of times trendy places open before people even realize the demand for them.

I’m wondering if it has something to do with a shift to eating yogurt with live cultures (Activia, etc) and providing that in frozen form. Hrmmm.

Red Mango and Pink Berry for those that are interested. See what I mean? They’re really pared down and simple.

It doesn’t seem to be replacing ice cream per se, since ice cream is getting more popular and complex too, with places really getting into organic ingredients, small batches, and inventive flavors.

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It has seem to replace ice cream nowadays

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Most trends and fashions repeat themselves in roughly 25 years time. Remember in the 90’s when 70’s fashions were popular?

Now that 2009 is here, we have all sorts of 80’s music on commercials, tight pants are popular again, even Paula Abdul is back.

The frozen yogurt revival is right on schedule.

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I agree @Compassionate Heretic. (Remember Orange Julius or something like that in malls?) I’m loving it. The 80s were the best!

Now that I’m eating healthier and working out, I would love to see some of the yogurt/smoothie places around where I am.

Frozen yogurt will never replace ice cream, however. Don’t tell but I just had a Dairy Queen vanilla chocolate swirl with chocolate dip last night. Heaven!

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@the_compassionate_heretic Should I be wearing the collar on my polo shirt up again yet? I am so NOT a fashion maven.

@figbash When you freeze the yogurt do the active cultures remain active or do they freeze too?

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I agree with the compationate heretic; trends and fads do tend to reincarnate. Personally, I’m not against it. I like frozen yogurt. ;-)

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OMG, my boy took us to one the other night. He’d been on a playdate and the Dad took them to it, and now he wanted to introduce us to it.

What a diabolically clever business model. How much do you spend on a hot fudge sundae these days? Well, this place has about fifteen flavors (high end flavors at that) of frozen yogurt. And what they do is they give you a cup, and you get to pull yourself your own yogurt, and put on your toppings, and then they weight it and charge you.

You can get a seven dollar dessert in no time flat! And what are you going to do? Refuse to pay? You did it to yourself. If I had any desire to be in the restaurant business, I’d get myself a franchise of this place tomorrow! They must be minting money!

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