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Where can I find volunteer opportunities in Bhutan?

Asked by SebK (43points) May 25th, 2009

I’m 17 years old, and I’d really like to volunteer in Bhutan for a month this summer. I’ve searched on Google, but couldn’t find anything very helpful.

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Good luck
Bhutan has a highly regulated process for visitors. Check out the Bhutan tourism site:
I doubt you’ll find any volunteer opportunities easily.

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@Les: I know, hard to get in. I found a few organisations, but I doubt they need/want people my age… Thanks for the link!

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You could probably try finding a travel agency or something which specializes in planning vacations to Bhutan. They’d probably be able to tell you what you can and cannot do.

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My sister has been to Bhutan, but she is a practicing Buddhist and went on a pilgrimage. The fact that she is also a writer and produced an article for Outside magazine did not prevent her trip, but it wouldn’t have been a good enough reason for Bhutan to have issued her a visa and waived the daily tourism fee.

Are you a Buddhist?

This site has some guidelines. Perhaps at your age you might look into exchange student programs?

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@Les: Thanks for your help. I don’t want to say that I’m Buddhist, because it would be too pretentious. I do however believe in most Buddhist teachings, and try to live by the Dharmic teachings.

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@SebK – Why would it be pretentious to say you are a Buddhist if you follow the teachings and try to live by them? Isn’t that pretty much what the majority of Buddhists do? Yes, my sister actually considers herself a part of a group that describes themselves as a temple but is really more a group of people who meditate together and go on retreat together and are attempting to buy some land on which to do that.

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@Les: I guess you’re right. But I still think there’s much more to learn before I can say I’m a real Buddhist. Plus, I’m still hesitating between Theravada and Vajrayana…

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@SebK – My name is Darwin (@Darwin if you are directing a comment to me) – are you talking to me or to @Les?

And even if you are hesitating between precise forms of Buddhism I would say that you are still a Buddhist. My in-laws claim both Buddhist and Episcopalian inclinations, and attempt to follow the teachings of both, where they don’t contradict.

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You might be able to contact someone at a Buddhist Temple near you and find out if they have an outreach program for teens.

I think a more positive attitude than I am reading here would a big asset.

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