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What could it mean if your big toe is itching?

Asked by bezdomnaya (1435points) May 25th, 2009

If your ears are burning, someone is talking about you. If your nose is itching, someone is thinking about you. (I think those are right…) So, what could be a superstition behind a big toe itching? Left foot, if that helps. Get creative, kids!

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going on an adventure soon!

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You are an athlete and have athlete’s feet . . .

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Gout..cut down on the red wine and meats..

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you’regetting money

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@Kayak8 i agree with him. It’s no big deal it just means you foot is sweating alot and it’s in your show to long, or you caught it from someone else.

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You need an order of pancakes with a side of bacon.

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<——Not a him . . . or a hymn

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@TheTips2 Probably just one.

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@bezdomnaya Thanks, I couldn’t make sense of it. Took me a while to convert show to shoe as well . . .

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I’m sorry don’t shoot me.

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Gonna rain soon. or there’s a bug on your toe.

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@Kayak8 No prob!

@TheTips2 I’ll try to refrain. :)

Also, I do not have athlete’s foot. The details, people, the details! Ha ha.

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@bezdomnaya you dont know that, that’s why your asking. :)

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I think you found oil…wtf

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…let me know if up from the ground comes a-bubblin’ crude…wtf

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Congratulations. Your pregnant!

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So as far as urban legends go . . .

I knew this girl, well, actually she was a friend of my mom’s. Her name was Darla and she was going to be this prima ballerina. She danced all through school and actually danced in the local production of The Nutcracker. Sure, she started out at as dancing tea cup, but eventually she got to dance the role of Clara. She was ecstatic.

Well, there was this guy, I think Mom said his name was Nathan. At any rate, he was working behind the scenes at the local ballet company. He was a gopher in the wardrobe department. He fell in love with Darla but she wouldn’t give him the time of day.

One day, at rehearsal, Darla noticed that her left big toe was really starting to itch. She had a tough time making it through the more difficult numbers. The itch was a total distraction. She also noticed that her heart was beating very slowly. She blew off the pulse thing.

Apparently, the night of the show, Darla couldn’t dance the part because her toe (and the rest of her foot) had swollen so much, she couldn’t fit into the shoes. The understudy had to carry on while Darla sulked backstage. Nathan tried to comfort her, but to no avail. He called her a fox and even remarked that he treated her shoes like they were gloves for the feet of Cinderella.

Darla eventually had to be seen in the emergency department of our local hospital for her unusually slow pulse. They did all kind of tests and found she had been poisoned with Foxglove. She connected the dots back to Nathan and calculated that he had put foxglove in her ballet shoes.

The doctor said this was to be taken seriously. Darla almost died. Apparently, she had digit-talus poisoning . . .

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It could also mean your frizzer is about to take a shit.

my grandma said so

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It wants to be scratched?

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U have happy feet lol… get to dancin before it gets worse

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Time to take a bath!?!?

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Cut it off now it’s gonna blow!

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Rash… DUH!

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Run! Get out now! It’s the zombie ‘pocalypse!

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It means that you are breaking some rule. Better be careful. You’re on the wrong side of some law or regulation or boundary. You have to toe the line.

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My big right toe, and my baby toe started hurting both at the same time last night. That had never happened to me, it felt strange. Not pain that hurt, but pain that awakes you to an alert. I received a very large large large sum of money! I thanked God all the way to worship service, and started praying for others.

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