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Could I get a tattoo if I'm on blood thinners?

Asked by Divalicious (2170points) May 26th, 2009

I bruise easily and keep my colorful hues for weeks. Scratches aren’t a problem, but cuts or a bloody nose take a long time to control.

I’ve asked my doctor and didn’t get a definitive answer. It’s hard to believe that I’m the first of his patients to want a tattoo while on medication, but looking around the waiting room at the others, I suppose it’s possible.

Does anyone have experience with this?

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Could you? Probably (there is all types of tattoo artists out there).
Should you? Probably not, but I really don’t know.
You need to push your doctor for an answer. He knows your condition and medications better than anyone else. If he doesn’t know the answer, he needs to research it and give you a definitive answer. If he is too busy or too lazy to advise you, well, you need a new doctor. Good luck…wtf

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Not all tattoos bleed, it depends on where you get it, how big it is, and, frankly, how hard the tattoo artist pushes (some are brutal). If your doctor doesn’t answer you (and wtf is right, he should), ask an experienced tattoo artist. They see just about everything.

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The only way you might safely get a tattoo is if the doctor who prescribed the blood thinner tells you to go OFF the medication for a specified time.

I take Coumadin because my atrial fibrillation can cause a blood clot to my brain or heart to kill me or give me a stroke. Nevertheless, I sometimes have to go for procedures that have a risk for bleeding. When that happens, my cardiologist tells me what to do as far as my blood thinner is concerned. KEEP IN MIND that for the period of time I don’t take the blood thinner, I’m at risk for the death or stroke the medicine prevents. It’s assumed that the need for the procedure outweighs the risk of the dangers in not taking my med. Is a tattoo worth the risk? MORE IMPORTANTLY, if I go for a procedure that has a risk of bleeding, it will be in a medical facility or hospital where trained staff knows exactly what to do should I start to bleed. They have medicines and equipment they could use to STOP the bleeding if that were to happen.

Can the local tatoo parlor make the same claim?

Personally, I would NOT get it done. I wonder if the tattoo parlor would even do it?!

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I don’t know if a parlor would do it…they ask what medications you are on and they might be covering their asses by not doing it. And don’t lie to them, because that could be very dangerous.

I tend to bleed a bit when I get tattoos, it’s not a lot though just surface bleeding. And that has only happened when I get them on sensitive areas (like my wrists and bicep)
I’d go to a tattoo parlor and ask them, and your doctor of course.

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most parlors wont do it for safeties sake…but there are ones that make exceptions…it would be risky and you’d have to make sure to be carfull not to loose to much…do multiple sessions if require to allow the wounds and your body time to recover….if you can, stop taking them for a period of time to get the job done…of course only if your doctor thinks its ok

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