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How long is a flight from NYC to LA?

Asked by Grisaille (12025points) May 26th, 2009

I’m getting multiple statements. Some say 2 hours, some say 6.

I’ve never flown that far. I need to know around what time I need to book a flight, as I want to meet a hotel’s check in time. Any help?

(this is assuming there isn’t a connecting flight)

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i would say it’s more than 6

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It’s about a 6 hour flight but since California is 3 hours earlier than NYC, you will arrive about 3 hours after you took off according to the local time.

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I have made this trip multiple times. @janbb is correct. The flight itself is five to six hours, and you gain three hours in the air. Flying back the other way is a bit shorter—usually about four and a half hours—but you lose three hours.

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American Airlines has flights that average just over 6 hours.

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Is it possible the person who told you 2 is thinking by “NYC to LA”, that you meant “New York City to Louisiana”? It is, in fact, just about two hours from JFK in the city to MSY in New Orleans….

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I would like to go to Louisiana.

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In the winter due to the jet stream in general moving south causing stronger prevailing upper atmosphere winds from west to east the trip will take 6 hours on average.
In the summer it will take about 4 hours 40 minutes on average.

In general an airplanes true airspeed (the speed at which it moves through still air) is on average 420 knots. If you have a tailwind your speed can increase to 520 knots.

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I mean Bourbon street Rocks!

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@MrItty Nope, pulled it from an airline’s website. Entered all information correctly

Wow, thanks all.

So, if I depart JFK at about 12 PM, I’ll be arriving at LAX at 9pm? THIS IS MADNESS.

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If you depart JFK at noon New York time, you’ll arrive at LAX about 6 pm New York time, 3 pm LA time.

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You will be reported to the Louisiana Highway Patrol Grisaille, or the CHP for a statement like that. :)

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I’d hate to be disrupt the glorious officers of the Louisiana Highway Patrol with such a petty matter!

I think it’s best to not make anymore statements :P

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@Grisaille wow. What airline’s website was that? Can you link to it at all?

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@MrItty Well, come to think of it, my sorry ass didn’t take the time difference into account.

So I’d rather not, as it was incorrect in the first place. :P

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It’s not 2 hours that’s for sure. Most of the time there is a stop off flight in Chicago or Atlantis or somewhere like that, so overall it’ll be abbout 5 1/2 to 6 hours long, but remember the time difference of 3 hours so you’ll only lose about 3 hours.

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It’s about 51/2 – 6 hours I believe. I flew Tampa to L.A. in 4–5 hours.

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Yeah so if you set off from JFK at 12 it’ll be 3 in LA (and 6 in New York).

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