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Any reliable online services similar to iPhone's Shazam application?

Asked by fred_in_london (22points) May 26th, 2009

Anyone able to recommend any reliable online services similar to iPhone’s Shazam application? – A while back I downloaded a (free, legal) mp3 of a song which I like very much and would like to buy the album it came from. Trouble is, I changed the original file name in error (when shortening a batch of mp3 file names for easy reading in mp3 player’s small view window) – basically, assigned it the name of another mp3 track. I can’t remember the artist’s name, the song title – or which unsigned indie music blog I downloaded it from. No-one I’ve played the track to has been able to identify it. Guess I could always stop a stranger in the street and ask to use his or her iPhone’s Shazam…

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Have you tried searching the lyrics?

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Yes, I’ve tried a web search using many phrases from the lyrics. No luck there!

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Can you hum a few bars for us?

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No, but here are the first few steps of my dance interpretation of it: ........ ... ..... ... ! ...!!!

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Try Midomi. It might not be as reliable as Shazam, but it should still work. And you can use your own voice to identify, if you so choose.

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