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Anyone have an idea of what this flower is?

Asked by Jude (32120points) May 27th, 2009

Looks like a rather large, purple, dandelionish fluff flower.

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Allium, I think


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Yup, that’s it. =)

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they’re pretty!

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I think so, too. This’ll be my first spring in my new place. This lone Allium stood out amongst a plethora of tulips…

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Yes, indeed, it is Allium, a perennial related to onions. If you want more of them check around the base of the plant for little bulbs or “offsets”. You can also grow them from seed.

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They grow in my flower beds. It’s an agapanthus.

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No, @gooch, agapanthus has much bigger blooms/buds than the allium. see what I mean, compared to jmah’s pic in her Q?

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