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I'm scared of dying.. When we die what really happens?

Asked by Kap89 (49points) May 27th, 2009 from iPhone

One day we will all be dead, how do you think you’ll die? And people sometimes say live for tomorrow.. Well what’s tomorrow if you’re dead?

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Hi Kap89. If you look at the upper right hand corner of the page, you’ll see a search bar. If you type in something like “what happens when we die”, “after death”, “death”, “die”, and so on, you find that some variation of this question has been asked a lot of times.

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When we die our brain releases a chemical called DMT. You can also experience this by smoking yopo, it is a warm, floaty, feeling. I think most people are afraid to die, it is fear of the unknown.

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Why are you scared of dieing? Man up

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I don’t plan to die.

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Interesting that about the DMT. I am in the progress of borrowing the book DMT: the Spirit Molecule, from the internet library. Sounds like an interesting read.

When we are dead, we won’t know it. Nothing to be afraid of. Living your life, that’s whats matters.

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If you are afraid to die, watch “Waking Life”.

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thanks guys. And I don’t know why I am.but last night while I was watching tv I saw a death scene and noticed that so many times before I has watched this movie and thought that death scene was no big deal, then I just kinda started on a death monologue in my head….. THANKS EvERYONE. :)

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You cant spend your life worrying about the end of it.

Well, I suppose you could, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

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@MrGeneVan: Why are you scared of spelling? Look it up.

Sorry; it’s “dying”.

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Death is inevitable. No matter what you do, how much money you have, everyone dies eventually. It’s silly to be scared of something that is inevitable, as you only end up wasting your time alive because you get nothing in return.

What was existence like before you were born? That’s probably what it’ll be like once we die.

My viewpoint of death is completely opposite. I am so looking forward to the day when it happens because I’ll finally get to experience it for myself. That said, I don’t put myself in dangerous situations nor do I hate my life, in fact I love my life, and love living. Which is one big reason why I don’t dwell on death, I’m too busy being alive :)

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Obviously there is no way to answer this question as no one really knows. We have little evidence to suggest that anything really happens other than your brain simply ceases functioning and you slowly decompose.

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Read the book “Life after Life” its about people who have been pronounced dead only to be brought back to life and they tell their stories, some are religous, most are not, but its a great book if you wonder what it’s like to die. It’s weird because many of the stories have similar characteristics, very cool stuff.

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i’m so glad someone asked this question. god knows we haven’t had such impeccable thought around here in a while.

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From what I have heard, and from the experience I have had being in the presence of someone dying, it is not frightening. It is, rather, peaceful and gentle. A transition. I remember thinking at the time that this was nothing to be afraid of. Although thankfully my personal experience is limited.

The idea of no longer being present with the ones we love, creating a loss for them, and missing out on life after we are gone may be a part of the fear of dying. And that may be something we can actually do something about. Be there for the people we love, our friends, family as much as we can. Live life fully every day. Don’t waste the precious life that we have on fears. I realize, though, that it is not always possible to simply say, okay so I will live differently and won’t be afraid. To make such a change in your life may need help from a professional who deals with such issues.

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I hope that I will just move on to the next phase of life. I will no longer have a physical body but maybe something greater than the physical will take me to a higher plane. If not I had a good run on the earth.

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Seems no one’s experienced here! :P

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plain and simple, you die.
Your body either gets burned to ashes or you are buired about 6 feet under the ground.

End of life.

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Albert Eistein once said “if there is a 50/50 chance that God is real, you’d be a fool not to believe in him” which is something I live by. Im not one of those Christian freaks that goes and shoves the Bible in people face, but I am a very strong believer. But the thing about that is that i BELIEVE that God made all of this. I dont KNOW it though… no one does. But i promise that living your life in a Christian way (it doesnst even have to be Christian necessarily), this is the best way to live. It truly is the better way of life, and if for some reason God isnt real, you stil had an amazing life. So please, give Him a chance, I promise you that nothing can go wrong if you do… you will feel a since of Peace, which is a great feeling. I am scared of dying, but I cant imagine how those feel that dont believe there is a Heaven, that most be the most hopeless feeling in the word.. just please, give him a chance. It makes the thought of dying so much easier to deal with.

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“Albert Eistein once said “if there is a 50/50 chance that God is real, you’d be a fool not to believe in him” which is something I live by.”

Einstein never said that, and it isn’t true. So… yeah.

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I look at it as finding the answers to lifelong questions. For most , it’s the fear of the unknown, yes.

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